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weird cell phone behavior..is he cheating?


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I understand how you are feeling. My ex had a few strange phone habits. For example, it would always be on silent and there are days where it would ring and he wouldn't even pick it up. Another one is he turns it off everytime we go to bed and leaves it by the bedside with the excuse of "the radiation is bad" (so turn it on and leave it in your pocket all day?!)


Anyway, I did my snooping and found out a lot of things. He was turning his phone off and not picking up calls because he was giving away his phone number to girls on sms chatlines and internet adult websites.

Here is more things I found out



Its really disappointing when you care so much for someone and that isn't enough for them to be truthful to you. I myselt have lost trust in all guys and I know that I shouldn't because at the end of the day, it will be me who's missing out.


I hope things go well for you. If you think you are strong enough to trust him and not look back at these events then good for you. If you don't think you can then maybe it is time to let go.

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