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not sure how to tell him i have a disorder..

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I have a muscle disorder where the muscles can flex but take a long time to relax, so it makes going up stairs, running, or getting up from a chair and walking right away dificult until the muscles relax. I can pretty much disguise it by trying to loosen up while im sitting or pretending somthing fell so i can stand still for a while till i can continue. Now i met a guy and he likes me and i like him so dating is a possibilty and him noticing something will be inevitable, i don't know whether i should tell him. What do you think? And how would you react if your gf/bf told someting like that to you ^.

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I agree with darkblue. If a guy likes you are is worth the time, he should accept you the way you are. I personally think that you might not be able to hide it for long if you guys get seriously involved. What if he wants to go for a job one day, or asks you to walk quickly over there...etc. etc.


Tell him the truth, I mean, i don't think it should scare him away at all. I wouldn't work it up too much, just tell him like its not a big deal. Maybe something like this, "oh by the way, your going to have to walk a little slower next time so that I can keep up with you because___(your reason here)____________-...," Like that it doesn't sound scary. Dont treat it like a big secret because then that might make him feel uncomfortable to ask you if he notices anything "strange".

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