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I buy the 'welcome'

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    [*]I've had a hurting break-up where i was rejected by my bf who was my best friend too

    [*]Someday I had a friend who I broke up with her

    [*]I'm one of those highly sensitive people who think & think & blame themselves on everything

    [*]I'm feeling terribly lonely now & need a friend bad

    [*]I need a hug & to feel welcomed

    [*]I'm totally exhausetd after the break-up & can't risk searching for friends

    [*]After school, I like to go to the neat shops, resturants or any place where you find those people who are trained to give you a fake wide smile & neat welcoming sentences

    [*]I know they do that for the menoy I pay & they wouldn't if I don't

    [*]I like to read the books in which the writer welcomes you & talks to you

    [*]I know he wouldn't if he actually meets you

    [*]I pay for the 'welcome' & that makes me survive

    [*]But I'm dying for a real hug & care

    [*]Anyone know the feeling of 'begging' care from people who won't listen & find you silly?

    [*]I wouldn't do that because it hurts me so much & I won't be able to afford that at the current time


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