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This girl just takes away my breath... :>


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Hi out there. just wanted to mark my comeback with a little greeting to everyone!


I currently have an issue regarding this fantastic girl i've fallen for, and who also have fallen for me.


We're meeting for the first time this weekend, I got a couple of ideas on how to take her breath away, and I know how to know my way around etc (romantic stuff). I really want to show her she has done the right thing by falling for me, and I want this to develop into a nice relationship. So here is my questions to you:


I would like some advice on some really nice romantic things, which could be done, for instance:


I've told her that when I meet her the first time, the first thing i'll do is go to her, take her hands (hold her tight with my hands by her side "hips" (She told me sheø've dreamt about me holding her that way), and whisper her "I've really looked forward to meeting you, I've really missed the feeling of just seeing you in front of me, your beautiful", and afterwards taking the fair away from her face and kiss her on the cheek, just to get it really going...) I told her about this, and she told me how cute i was etc... but here is my question, do you have any other good advice to really make her fall more, or see things in me?..


We're staying at her place for the weekend bc. her parents are going on vacation, only 2 problems exists...


She've a really romantic silent girl, who just got out of a bad relationship and got hurt, she's very careful girl, silent, lovely etc.. I know my way around, but I just want you take this into consideration.. She've told me she doesnt want to be surprised by any wild things etc..


So do you have any cute romantic thing I could do/tell her, just in order to show my compassion? Any good suggestions would be appreciated.


Hope you understand


Yours sincerely

A DD "nearly" in love

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Be natural and undemanding.


But beware of building up expectations that you can't meet about how romantic you are going to be. Much better not to say what you are going to do in case the performance doesn't meet the expectation.

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Meeting for the first time? What does this mean? How can you have never met her before? Did you got to know her in the Internet or something? If you really haven't even met I think it's crazy to do any of those things... How old is this girl? And why are you rushing it so much? What are you looking for? If you care about her, take it slow. She's confused about her past relationships and you might blow it by jumping the gun. Plus it's more romantic than any gibberish you can say on a first date.


If you really want her to fall for you before you've even met you have to think about your priorities a bit. You talk about her like a conquest, not like a human being. You sound like a player. Yes, players get the chicks, but do you really want this girl to think you're a player? If she's into that, fine. But if she really is a nice and "careful" girl she'll only be offended, and disappointed.

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It may sound wrong, my english sucks and i'm not good and explaining my self. The fact is, i'm not a player i've been in one relationship during the past 1½ years, and by writing what I told her I would love to do (tell her things eg) it don't necessarily mean that i'll do it' it was just a thought. But I understand what you're saying I think i'm to focused on making some kind of random act in order to make her happy I think i'll just be myself, so many thanks, I understand.


Regarding the question about the internet, yep kown her for 2 years, missed a meeting with her in my city 2 months ago, but we talk like 8-10 hours each day, which have been on going the last 2 months, so I fell like i know her. It's our first meeting, and it was good to point out that I need to take in to consideration of c. The most important thing to me is to be there for her, and all other things isn't important. I just wanted some help on the matter to know any romantic stuff hehe.. The post surely sounded wrong, which wasn't my intention.

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