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my brothers friend blew "weed smoke" in my cats

face...How can this effect her? I don't think it will harm

her but it may...


I myself, do not smoke no longer and wish for my cat to have

great health! I dont think she should get smoke blown

in her face...But yeah..


Just wonderin what it can do.

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WTF does smell have to do with anything? Sheesh.


I really doubt you need to worry about it. People have been blowing cannabis smoke at their pets' faces for a long time. If you're worried about lung cancer or something tell your friend not to do it again. It's pretty non-toxic - and people have been trying to overdose animals on the stuff for a decade or four to show marijuana is unsafe - without success.


Just let your kitty chill and tell your friend not to do it again. She could get paranoid or jumpy or something, so I'd just let her be for a while.

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i guess your nto supose to feed the kittys

wet food everyday and I did, because i assumed

it would be alright, but that stuff is more like a treat than

anything else.

SO im trying to get her back on the dry food.


Shes meowing a lot and when you go to pick her up to hold

her she is reallllly food and you can her her when you pick her up

like you can hear her stomach because its soo full.


Pray for her...I hope i didnt do anything stupid to mess

my kitty up ya know?

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i donno whethe to maybe change her food

or something...\


she walks with her tail down, it never comes up much..its

kind of worriing me...


she still hasnt got her shots...but i feed her wet

food like twice a week...and hard food everyother day...


soo i dunno...


She'll be alrighty, riight?

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