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Finding out whats on her mind.

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Guys really need help with this one.


Very brief! Ex split up with me 2 months ago. Problems with her past boyfriends I think have made her feel insecure. From what I guested she did all the chasing when they ended.


Anyway we date and where having problems with her last ex. This top and we started going out. Not sure way this happen but I got dumped. A friends of ours said I got too close. We worked together which made it hard. Had a few arguments in work and didnt speak for while. We started to chat again and I would just build my hopes up and get upset and ask her about getting back together. Yes I am stupid and I did alot of chasing. She did go on the rebound and get with somebody which last about 3 days. We have this cycle of being friendly and then I ask about us and she wants to be friends. The last time I just had a go at her for messin my head up and again we didnt speak. She changed her number and we had no more contact only in work but that was no speaking at all. Things changed about weeks ago. During this time I have not said anything about is this time.


She contacted me about work stuff, really pointless stuff and then asked me to call her back on her new number. We have sent few texts to each other and we have met last week about 4 times. The 3rd time she seemed a little bit upset, I asked her was she ok because I saw her eyes fill up and she said she was ok it nothing. Next night she contacts me again to do with an exam in work asking me to help her so I did. Next night again but she was babysitting and asked me to come down. Then the day after I was working at a different store and she pops in, just hello she said she was on her way home. Even trying to get me to get off and have a drink. I didnt read into that because she said she was let down by her mate to go for a drink. I got off and she ask me to met her up, so I did and we did have a bit of fun together. Justjoking around, nothing sexual or anythink.


Iam really confused and need to knows whats going on. Do you think I should ask her, but how. What did any of you guys say to find out.



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I would suggest you are way to close and really need to back off and give this person some well needed breathing room. You have way to much information that you really do need to know right now. Back off and play it cool, your obcession is going to kill it all. Your onlt chance it to chill for awhile, and if they really like you let them come around.


Good Luck





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Hi guys thanks for getting back too me. Just a couple of points though.


She made all the contacting at first, I didnt even have her new number and she called me and gave it too me. After that she was texting me but it was only small talk about work etc.


I replied back but again keeping it very short. We have met up about 5 times over the last 2 weeks and she has come back to my house a few times aswell.


She seemed a bit upset one night, she wasnt crying etc but i saw her eyes fill up and I did ask her was she ok. She said yes she was ok. I didnt say or do anything and didnt know why she seemed upset.


Well we have met up again last night for a few hours and she had a snack at my house. No talk about us etc. I dropped her off.


Ive been keeping it cool and its hard.



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