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i miss being touched, being loved, being hugged. i miss the feeling i get when someone loves me back. it truly depresses me to think of all the emotions that i am lacking. is there anyway i can just walk in somewhere and find someone? i really wish there was because i look around me and seriously think that i am the only one that feels this way all the time.

even when im with friends i think that i want them, i think that im in love with them, maybe its cuz i lack love?

Do you really think that i could be in love with like anyone that i meet? or could it be because of the serious lack of love?

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We all need to be touched and loved, including babies. But being in a relationship isn't going to resolve all of these feelings you have. Find other outlets that will bring you the emotional support you need. You should be able to get some touching (friendly hugs and such) from friends and family members.

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i know how you feel im going through the same type of thing but think of some one that you see every day and when there gone you get sad and lonly and when you fiugre out the person you probly found the one that could help you get out of this state

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I agree with Jetta, if you're feeling really down and lacking that sort of physical contact, find some outlet where you can let go of your emotional baggage and get the support you need. Don't get depressed by all of the emotions that you're lacking. If you thought about ALL of the emotions you were lacking, you would even more so devastated. Usually when you're looking for someone, you never find it; when you're not, they just kind of pop into your life. And trust me, you're not the only one who feels that way. Sometimes I get into that mentality when I'm really lonely or when I'm just being hormonal. It usually passes pretty quick, though. If what you're in doesn't, you should try to reach out to friends or family and get some help. I'm not sure that you could be in love with anyone you meet, and it may be of what you said -- lack of love is making you feel that way. Just be careful with what you say.

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Jetta & saint_saul about summarized the thoughts.


As for my own, I too get bouts like that. Feeling the need to be with someone, random lonely feelings and the whole package that goes with it. Usually these urges pass by in a week or two for me, within that time I just try to find more comfort in words and friends.


If you have a good friend that you can express yourself to, often times that helps lessen the burden. Sometimes, writing out feelings and thinking about the why's of it all can help, depending on what you prefer.


Eventually there will be another that you truly love and will help those feelings balance out, for now, the best you can do for your heart is converse and try to lift some of the weight of the situation. To get involved on whim when such urges of being lonely seem difficult to stand it will usually just end up in more heartbreak than its worth and end up with a double dose.

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a lack of and yearn fo rlove and physical contact can have quite a powerful effect. But don't let it overwhelm you. I too, as I'm sure most people (whether they've been in a relationship or not) wish sometimes that I could put my arms around someone or cuddle up next to a girl when I'm watching TV or something. However, there are healthy outlets until that someone comes along.


Working out can help because when you work out, even if it is only moderately intense, can take your mind off your troubles.


Wouldn't it be great if all the people we meet here on enotalone with whom we share certain opinions, feelings and desires were meeting in person rather than online? Well, yes it would, but the journey to find love makes finding it all the more sweet.



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I doubt that you are really falling in love with everyone that you meet. It really sounds like you are feeling lonely and may be grateful to spend time with others, which is making you feel like you are falling in love with them.


You are still really young and I'm sure you will have many opportunities to find love in your life. You are just thinking about it too much. I agree that if you think about it too much and are looking then you won't meet anyone who you are compatible with. In contrast, if you are just being open and friendly to meeting new people and letting things happen, then you will meet someone truly wonderful.


Sometimes I feel the same way you feel and I'm 27 yrs old. My friends and family members tell me I'm too picky, though, and that I don't give people a chance. I can't help it if people don't live up to my standards.


Find things in your life that you enjoy doing and fill your life with those things and friendships and the lover thing will happen.

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