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Not the usual colour..what to do?

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Hey! Well, just got a quick question for you guys! Last time that I had sex with my bf, he said that it looked like as if there was blood on the condom( like as if I had bled) and last night I played with myself, and the stuff that comes out that's usually white/transparent, looked like it had some red or something mixed to it! What's up with that?!? Help!!!

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He may have hit your cervix when you were having sex, causing an abrasion/or spotting.


It is also possible it is just spotting due to hormonal changes, if you are on the pill, or even pregnant, etc, they can all cause spotting.


HOWEVER, it could also be the symptom of an infection or an STI. Call your doctor and make an appointment for a pap smear - if you are sexually active you need to get them done regularly (once a year) anyway. When you call, tell them about the bleeding and they will probably do a PAP, and check for gonorrhea, chlamydia etc.

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That happened to me once and I got very scared and went to the doctors immediately. She stated that nothing was wrong and that I might have gotten a small tear or broke a blood vessel... That can happen during sex, even if nothing hurts. If you go they will check for STD's and also give you a pregnancy test.


The bleeding could be normal, but it could also be serious. You're better off safe than sorry. Get checked. It will give you piece of mind.




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