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For those lacking in conversational skills...

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Maybe this is a good idea, maybe not. If some of you like me suffer from extreme shyness, you find it hard to start a conversation. I notice that I can carry a conversation pretty well, but I am awful at starting one. I wonder if carrying index cards or Post-Its with various topics would help. If you are on a date, take that little bathroom break and go over your notes.


"Did you see the latest episode of Family Guy?

"How 'bout that North Korean Leader with his nuke fetish."

"What type of music do you listen to?"

"Don't you hate it whe you have to fart, but the bubble won't travel to the exit?"

"Rent sure is hard to come by nowadays with the job market."

"So I was walking my dog the other day..."

"Ever masturbate to the sounds of whales?"


Obviously I am exadurating, but any opener can lead to a deeper conversation about the topic. You don't have to go into a deep monolog, a simple question about them or about current events can be a great starter. I am sure that most of you guys and gals have a bigger problem setting the tone and starting a conversation rather than keeping the convo going. Laughter is also a great medicine ball. It is easier than you think. And don't worry about saying something stupid. As long as you leave on a high note, he/she won't even notice that you wondered why testicles don't have nipples. It will be a thing of the past.


Anyone think index cards is a good idea, just like a reminder just in case your mind goes blank during the heat of the moment?

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The last thing you want to do is act like you are interrogating a captured prisoner. Or like an interview. Rather make it seem like you've known each other for a long time, and talk like friends would talk.


If you notice couples in public, like at diners, they aren't talking like they just met, however they are giving off new information about them. You want to give people the impression that you've known each other forever, yet you barely know each other at all. It can seem obvious that you are not the experienced dater if it's rehearsed. Just say what's on your mind, but also focus the conversation on the other person.


Just my 2 cents.

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Your not serious are you? Try when you aproach a lady that you look like something is concerning you. You walk up to her and say, "Is there a hair still sticking up there?" She'll say, "No" And you respond with, "Whew! Thank goodness! I thought I was still walking around looking like a dork!"


I guarentee she'll will laugh cause you just showed her that you are confident enough to make fun of yourself.


As she is laughing mention your name and pollitley ask for hers.

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Some people get so nervous that they draw blanks. Saying what comes to mind may not be easy because nothing comes to mind except self absorbing thoughts. I'm not saying dictate the index cards and throw out rapid fire questions, I'm saying use them as reminders in case you get so nervous that you're mind goes blank.

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