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My dearest brethrens, especially those who gave me buckets of advice in my last topic 'fitness peeps.......where am I going wrong', I thought I should give a quick update on my progress so far.........


Heres how my week goes now.........I get into work at 8.30am every morning and thus, have to bring in my breakfast as I cannot find time to eat at home. So I have brought in a bag of crunchy oatmeal cereal with live Bio-yogurt for breakfast, which I have everyday at 9.30am..........then I get peckish again by 11.00am and snack on a banana.........then by 1pm, I am peckish AGAIN!! The problem is I work mainly on a PC and I am stuck to the seat for 7 hours a day!! (This is one of the main reasons I piled the pounds on in the first place,)......So I have concluded that I seem to get hungry every 2 hours (mainly due to boredom)......but I have stuck to my 2 litres of water a day rule and it's been quite good!!!


I have banished the nuts FOREVER and have invested in carrot sticks as my healthy work snack. I have been drinking water like crazy (thanks for that computer kid) and snacking on purely fruits.........I have brought in black grapes, strawberries and an apple......which I switch around but demolish all the same by the end of the day. By lunchtime (2pm) I try and have another bowl of cereal with skimmed milk or I go to the cafeteria and order a salad with some protein (maybe an egg/lean meat)....after which I keep snacking on those carrot sticks/fruits till the end of the working day!!!!!...At 5pm I head for the gym (I do 3 days during the week and 1 day in the weekend now.......mainly Saturday mornings).


My routine has taken a turn for the worse......(I am afraid to say)..WHICH IS WHERE I NEED ADVICE..... ....as soon as I get in the gym.....I get on the bike and do 15 minutes, take a break and switch to the cross trainer, another 15 minutes......then I attack the stepper (which i hate with a passion and just about manage 10 minutes with a push) and then I use the rower for a further 10 minutes)......I occasionally switch this same routine, eliminating the stepper and using the threadmill for 15 minutes.


Then I hop along to the weights section (where all the fit men hang-out...... ).....this is where my mind goes blank......I really do not know what I am doing in this section.......I switch between the arm/leg training machines and I am pushing slightly heavy weights (50 kilos on average) and I am afraid that my thighs (which are my biggest problem) are getting slightly bigger and my aim was to tone them up and make them appear leaner.......PLEASE HELP......those who know how to get those lean, sexy legs as I am really keen on not messing up my body with bulky muscles.............I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!! STAY FABULOUS........ =D>



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You should start with warming up on the bike or treadmill for 5 to 10 mins to get a sweat going and increase your heart rate. Then go to the weights and pick a weight where you can lift it between 12-15 times 3 sets of each. To get lean, you need to cut down the rest time in between sets. So look at a clock or count 30 secs to 1 minute and start your next set. DO this the enitre routine, which will keep your heart rate up.


After the weights then jump back onto the cardio and do this for 20 to 30 mins. Watch your diet, drink plenty of water and the results should come.

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