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Playing it cool, why can't he?

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It's been more than a month that we broke up after a 6 months of on/off relationship. We have a bitter breakup. I did put closure to it and decided we will be just friends, I already moved on, he did also, he started dating after 2 weeks since we broke up. I did my best not to contact him but I admit I always included him in my "fwd" email messages, just to let him know that I can be his friend and I'm cool about it.I received an email from him, about the rumors he heard that I was injured, he even thought I have a new boyfriend who beat me up, he wants me to email him about my situation. In a friendly way, I responded that it is not all true, I did ask him how is he doing, but he did not reply anymore. I still moved on….

I received an email from his family, asking to tell my ex to reply to their email cause they are worried about him, he has not been responding at all. His family asked me to email them as often to keep in touch. It seems they don't have any idea that we broke up.I saw my ex in the galley after 2 weeks, oh my god he loss so many weight but he still look healthy. he never took a glance on me so initiate to talk to him about the email I received from his family. He just said ok and then ignore me.


I felt that he still have bitterness on me. (by the way, he is the one who dumped me, he is not happy hanging out with me he confess).I thought we are playing it cool, he should be happy cause he got already someone in his life and I'm happy for him. Why is he not responding to his family, they already got worried! why is that he is not telling them that we are over? Why is he ignoring me once I respond to his email? Why is he still bitter about this situation while I should be the one? I still care for him a lot but I'm not going to do anything to win him back, I still love myself! I just want him to be happy, I don't know if he is doing ok or what? And I still want to initiate NC, I hope no circumstances would break this again. Why do I feel like this? I should not care anymore, like he is doing to me and to his family. Does he have a problem? He is not like this before.Help!

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Hey girl. You are a very caring person. I couldn't begin to find the right answer to your questions... as it seems VERY strange that he would just up and ignore his friends and family. I think there's more to it than meets the eye. Maybe he is truly not happy... just depressed. I find it odd that after all that time you saw him and he just ignored you. You are a very good person for caring about him and not being bitter. You have done nothing wrong and unfortunately... It's all up to him to make his life right. It's not your obligation but you are a saint to want to help.

Feel free to PM or message back doll.

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