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Help "Girl Friend"

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I like that advice, ubertoast. Becoming a friend first is always a fantastic move.


Call me old fashioned, but I also believe asking her out on a romantic dinner is always a fantastic excuse to show your feelings for her.


Another way, especially for a girl like me to appreciate, would be to just ask her After a few times of talking with her, build up the courage and say "Would you go out with me?"

Lol, it sounds painfully obvious... but sometimes it works first try.

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The main problem with young (and older people in some cases) is fear of rejection (i still have it). There is no problem if one girl says no, as there are many others out there that will be intersted in you. One day yull find that girl, and itl come naturally


But ya, asking her out on a nice dinner is a nice idea. There are manything you could do. Just be like hey you busy this weekend? i was thinking we could maybe .

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well 15s a nice time to start. the whole friend route can get abit dodgy down the road but is great while it lasts. other than that...you go out much? at parties start chatting to random girls or get friends to introduce you. then if the conversation takes off ask for her number then there ya go, potential. get to know her abit then pop the question(date), if its a no then she could still be a mate.

its more of just going in without thinking of the consequences, the hardest part is always the first few steps. and um i dont mean to scare you but ive found that first impressions kinda count.

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OK, first things first. You are aiming real high, and should probably try to aim lower. Like get yourself a date, before getting her as a girlfriend. And if you don't know how to get one of those, then you may need to just figure out how to begin talking to girls/women. Getting to what you want is a lot like learning to play a sport, when you have never done it. Say you want to play hockey, you first need to learn to ice skate some. Then once you can skate, you need to imrpove your skating, learn to pass, shoot, handle the puck, etc. Then you need to learn something about forechecking and backchecking and how to stay onsides. You don't just jump on the ice the first time and score. And much like hockey or any sport, dating is all about skills.


What are some of the skills? This is my short list: learning and interpreting body language; good conversational skills, how to talk to soemone and make them want to talk to you again; meeting and mingling, how to say hello and talk to a person you don't know; sending and receiving body language signals, body language is the real language of love, become aware of what is being said to and by you; flirting; having longer conversations; planning and managing a date; contact between dates; varying your dates; and breaking it off.


The first things to work on are your conversational skills and learning body language. For body language, do a search on the net, read a book or a few books and begin to observe people. For conversational skills, I'd read a few books, beginning with "How to Win Friends and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie, then maybe Leil Lowndes book "How to Be a People Magnet." There are lots of books on this stuff.


Finally, there are lots of sites on how to get the skills of a player, a guy who gets lots of women. These skills are not much different from the ones you need to get one woman. Only your objective is different. Check out this stuff: link removed link removed link removed, and there are more. Most of these are looking to sell you stuff. No need to buy, but look at the free stuff.


This should be a lifelong study. Just because you get a woman, doesn't mean you stop trying. Once you have her, you need to make sure she continues to want you. You can always improve your game, whether single, married or anywhere in between.

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Becoming friends first is a good idea. Also, being around girls your age in a non-threatening atmosphere helps too. I think grouop activities might be helpful. Think of some things you and your friends enjoy doing, and get a group of ppl together (girls and guys). When you are hanging out with others, you are not always on the spot to have to come up with all the topics of conversation. This will also give you the opportunity to observe how girls act around there friends, and around other guys.

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thankz everybody well to tell you the truth I'm really 16 I did not what to say that cauze a see alot of people at my age at school dating Now therr are a couple of girls that I have my mind on!!! I ask one to go out sometime and get Ice-cream she is on vacation right now. The other I asked the same question would yuo like to get some Ice cream sometime and she said yeah but I never have found anytime to go out and get some ice cream (por que` I'm working and she is baby sitting for her younger sisters) so thatz my problem I'm friends with the both I just don't know which one to ask out and how to clearly get the point accross that I like her VERY much


Please help???

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One comment. You should not worry about telling or letting them know how much you like them. You should be concerned about how they feel. Whether she is attracted to you or not depends on how she feels, not how you feel. I am going to send you a pm.

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