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What to do and how to cope.

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Hi peeps! I havnt been on here for a while but this is important to me coz it could mean losing one or both of my bestest friends.


The girls in my class can fight over the most stupid and rediculous things and this is just getting out of hand. My 2 best mates are having their biggest fight and im torn between. One of them says that she thinks im closer to the other one than i am to her which is not true! I love both of them (even though i like the one who thinks im not close to her ) and its just stupid. I h8 taking sides! What should i do? I asked them if they think they would ever be friends again and they sed probly not! and my b-day is coming up! how the heck am i supposed to invite them to my 16th with this stupid fight??!? Ugh any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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Talk to them about it again. They are being pretty imature and theres me sitting there thinking that girls grow up mentaly faster than men... ops my bad. Tell them that it doesn't matter whos closest to who and that they are your best friends, if they don't get on it makes it difficult for you. If they really annoy you, you could always lock them in a room together for a week (see if they don't sort out their differences then).

That last bit was a joke by the way...

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For one, depends just what they're fighting over.


I remember the High School arguments some had, a lot were flat out stupid and could be easily resolved if they'd shut up and listen for a moment or two. If it is a more important issue you could actually be the one to help soothe the problem in the long run.


As for being closer (Assuming this is after the argument, not the entire argued fight causing issue itself?) I'd tell them to call a brief truce and be civil, that you three need to have a heart to heart despite they would rather be involved in a bloody war with one another.


They need to BOTH be there when you explain or else one is just going to tease and pick on the other. I've learned, you say something to one person during an argument, they twist it to tell the other, and visa versa and eventually they both end up hating you. If both fighting individuals are there, everyone gets to hear it straight from your mouth. Simply explain you need to state your position and for them to be quiet and give you a moment to speak or else they're both in hot water with you.


That should collect some attention. Address they are both important in your life and you will not choose sides. Period. Saying what they are fighting over is dull may be a toxic route, so maybe ask them one by one to explain their sides peacefully without accusations and screaming. One listens as the other speaks, and same procedure the other way around. Listening you can help say what you believe. This may lighten, hope it does.


For the birthday, well, again you may need to address the issue. If they cannot act like civil human beings you need to tell them you're afraid they aren't welcome because it is supposed to be a happy event and additional stress they're causing will ruin the event. Explain you don't want to be personally involved taking sides or stories, but you're there to listen and help only if they want to be lady like about fixer uppers. The birthday essentially is something that shouldn't be caked with complaining or tugging you apart and if worse comes to worse, invite neither or bother until they grow up. You can only do so much, the rest is left up to them. You may end up being alienated anyways, it just depends what is more important to them in the end.

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