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Hey everyone I am new to enotalone, my friends suggested this site for any questions I have. Ok so I have a wonderful girlfriend and she has lately been talking about having lesbian sex with me for the first time. I am 100% ok with it but the problem is I have no idea what to do!!! So my question is what are things that girls like?? places to kiss and touch and all that stuff?? any suggestions are welcome. thanks a lot!!!

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hey lonely_fears, i had the same problem my first time. i had absolutely no idea what i was doing, but then i found that if i did what i liked myself then my gf would be likely to like it too. you have the perfect situation just like all gays and lesbians. we can practice what we want to do to our gf's/bf's on ourselves!!!


anyways, just think about what you like and then do that. plus, if she's moaning and sighing and oohing and aaahing then she's enjoying it. or you could just say to her in a really sexy voice "tell me what you like" or something like that. just make sure you guage her reactions and you'll be just fine



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Do you know if she's experienced? If she is let her lead the way!


It's the same for everybody girls and boys! Also, if you start a new relationship you're back to square one. You don't know what they like. It's a learning process!


Finally, if you've both been keeping your feelings in check you won't have time to think, lust will kick in! You'll both have hands everywhere! lol


When that's over you can take your time.


Have fun.

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