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I have this good friend that i met around 2 years ago at my parent's friend's house. Since then, we started chatting over the internet although we've only met eachother twice over the 2 years. We can absolutely talk about anything as i feel very comfortable and relaxing when i do chat to him.

I took him as a close pal of mine and that hasn't changed. Last week on msn, he confessed to me that he had feelings for me although he didn't expect much. I knew all along as he gave real obvious hints previously but i felt weird because he's turning 19 while i've recently turned 16. Maybe i am one of those girls who find age more than just plain digits. I told him that i wanted to concentrate on my studies for the coming years - he understood.

Today, my friend came up to me and gave me a present that he have given to her over the holiday which he told her to hand over to me at school as a late birthday present. I was not shocked because he told me about the present over msn. I kept on rejecting it because i don't want to feel as if i owe him, but he was stubborn enough to give it to my friend.

My question is - should i keep it? I don't want him to think of me more than a friend and i wouldn't want to see him linger on painfully as it might seem like a sign of hope if i keep his present (which is an expensive looking watch that he got from London). If i don't keep the present, will the fact upset him? Will he reckon that i'm not even taking him as a friend?


Thanks in advance.

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Make sure you make it clear to him that accepting the present by no means that you will consider going out with him, at least not yet...u can reconsider later. If his attention was purely to sway your opinion, then by all means, return the gift. Otherwise, if he has gotten that through his head, then accepting a present from a friend is no big deal.

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