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Is there any chance of reconciliation?

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Hi there,


I need some advice about a situation I'm going through. I broke up with my boyfriend of 6 months and then changed my mind and wanted to get back together. He says that it wouldn't be right considering why we broke up (he told me he never wanted a family and probably didn't want to ever get married, and I said I did want those things, but thinking about it after 2 days I realized I could live without those things because he was important enough to me). He says he can't be the one who takes away my hopes and dreams, even though I've told him those have changed now. He also said he can't get back together with me because the breakup was too traumatic for him and he can't risk going through that again.


However, we went out for happy hour last week and talked for 3 and a half hours and he did several things that made me think that there might be a chance at reconciliation. He forgot we weren't together and put his hand on my leg for about 15 seconds, then as if he remembered he pulled it away quickly. He also told me how sweet I am, which he always used to say when we were dating. He also held my hand while we were having a smoke, just like we used to when we were together. But then when the evening was over he said with what seemed like a lot of finality "I'm glad you came out tonight, I didn't want us to be strangers."


He went on vacation yesterday to see his parents and family back East (I was supposed to go with him), and then when he comes back he'll be out of the country and then out of the state on business for most of July and part of August. I just want to stay close to him and be his friend and see if he'll come back to me, but I'm wondering if there's any hope at all or am I just kidding myself. I really did reconsider my future plans and realized that being with him is more important than a family and being married is to me. He doesn't seem to be buying it, and also seems too hurt to want to take a chance on me again. Is this over for good? Should I keep any hope alive in my heart at all?


Thanks for any advice.



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Well you can always keep hope! I am sure that he still has feelings for you too, otherwise the breakup wouldnt have been so hard on him. When he gets back, why dont you have some more nights out with him. Hopefully a talk will come about. No one on the forum can give you the answers you are looking for, only he can! Dont worry too much while he is on his trips. Let him do his own thing and when he comes back, then you can see where he stands.

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