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3 year age gap not sure what i should do

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Hi, I have this thing for the girl who has been 13 for about 2 weeks i think, and i'm 16, and I'm just wandering is that a bad thing? she really likes me and made my ex g/f break up with me so she could have me, and truly i like this girl better then my ex.. but thats not the point, the point is I like her and i want to ask her out in fact i was at her house last night and i was about to leave and she said stay a while, come to blockbuster to get a movie with us, so i did i had my arm around her and she grabbed ahold of my hand and we went in and back out holding hands, then at the gas station the driver and her 2 friends went in and me and her stayed in the car, and this girl "WAS" like a lil sis to me, and she asked me last night, " Zack, would you think i was weird if i liked you more then a brother? and i said "i don't know," and then i said "no that would probably be ok cause i feel the same way about you"...and we left it at that but when i was leaving she hugged me 4 times in less then 2 to 3 mins and i really like her but is 3 years so bad? i don't think so considering theres like 22 year age gaps on here, but let me know... thanks



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well her parents are separated, but when iw as like 3 this girl wasn't born but i was friends with ehr older sis and we lived like 2 house up from them so her dad knows me well and it's jsut circled abcka round to her, so i don't think her dad would mind neither would my parents except shes kinda young but if i truly love her then oh well, but her parents are separated now what?

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Well I don't see any problem with this situation.

If both partners parents agree to it, and you two do have feelings for each other, than why not. There's no law.


BUT, are you planning to have sex with her, because that's a different issue.. if you are, you may want to read the rape laws for your state, or any other laws that would apply to your situation.

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lol but me and her have ardy dun that lol J/k!!!!! i swear, ok god idea, i havnt seen her in like 3 weeks tho, but thinks i'll remember that, just idk what i need to say to them, what would be better to talk to the father or mother?? thanks tigiris, if u have AIM add me ZDRUMS12



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