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Woman not actually Pregnant

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At my work, I always try to be friendly with customers. So this lady came by and I helped her out and as she looked pregnant. Her belly was round and big, and I thought she was 5-6 months pregnant. So I asked her "When are you expecting?" She responded that she was not expected...oops...that was a big mistake. Oh well. I apologized and immediately walked away. Was this really a big mistake?

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Yup you are not the first to ever make that mistake, but in the future DON'T assume a woman is pregnant...and I feel bad for saying this but - especially if they are "larger" women, as it is generally harder to tell if it is a pregnancy or extra fat.


I am sure she was offended, but don't worry about it right now...if it was extra weight maybe you will be the one that set her off to a new lifestyle..who knows.


If the woman is quite slender though and looks like her belly is going to pop at any second, she may very well be pregnant though and if she is buying diapers and baby bottles, it MAY be safe to assume she is

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hehehe - Yup! Big mistake! hehehehehe... funny though. It's classic. You're not the first one to do something like this and you won't be the last. I guess you have learned never to ask that question again!!!


hmm... maybe this will inspire her to hit the gym....

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