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Feeling very stressed out in life

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Alright so, i have been feeling really stressed and unable to feel happiness and i think it's because of my job situation and living situation. So, me and my siblings' mom and stepdad moved out 2 months ago and left all 4 of us (we are all in our twenties) with the house we grew up in. Now, my sister whos 20 was able to get away with not paying rent this summer. Which, caused stress. And I work two crappy food jobs which i hate and i am unable to find work anywhere else because i do not want to do anymore college and also I can't pass the driving test. I practiced a lot and took the test three times and failed badly but I choose to not be on the roads. Also, i can't even afford to get a car anyways if it worked out. I am in debt with my mom and the credit card company and im worried I won't have enough money to be able to pay anything, also with prices going up groceries are expensive.  So, what should I do?  I'm not sure my siblings will be much help with sharing the house. I also don't have friends. My siblings are also very messy and don't wash dishes and i won't be the only one cleaning this house. My mom suggested that if it doesn't work out we can go live with her, but we really don't like our stepdad.  Will things get better? 

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Just FWIW - I took the driving test 5 times.  Twice at age 19-20 -failed -three times at age 49 - passed on the third time. No I do not drive but I am open to starting to drive again -I drove with my husband in the car occasionally for about 2 years after I got my license.  5 years ago...  

Can you go back to school part time or do trade school/get licensed or certified via an associates degree or similar so that you have marketable skills/more high paying? It will get better if you're willing to take certain steps to do so -it won't if you're passive. I'd focus on one baby step at a time and try to lose the attitude of jealousy about your sibs- you do you -stay in your lane -the extra negativity will just eat away at you.

I'm so sorry you're struggling!!

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You might kill two birds with one stone if you can negotiate with your mom less rent in exchange for housekeeping. Then you’re being paid for the job of ensuring that your siblings’ messes don’t attract rodents and bugs or become fire hazards or erode the value of your mom’s property, even while you get to enjoy a clean house.

What are your options to finish school or complete a program to train for a better job?

PS: I wouldn’t compare my housekeeping efforts with my roommate’s. I’d move their stuff to designated places in their own rooms and do as much cleaning as I would for myself if I lived alone. Sure, they might take for granted clean furniture and floors and surfaces, but I’d make this about how I want to live rather than spite myself to be miserable just because others don’t share my enthusiasm for clean.

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