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Timelines how long before you date again

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OK so I ended up going out on a blind date this week, it's been 2 months since the first breakup 1 month since the final, I am no longer pitying away my time poor me etc. I have gotten over most of that a two weeks into this, don't get me wrong I still think about her every day but I have come to accept things as they are.


So now on to the question, blind date, I went out this week on a blind date, this was a first for me but I just wanted to get out and have fun, didn't really care too much about the girl just wanted to go out and have fun, in other words I did not have any expectations of greater glory. So i met up with her to go out, she is absolutly beautiful were talking 5'9" long blond hair, 120lbs, smokin hot, and she's a great person, funny, talkitive, interesting smart. hell I've hit a home run... but I don't feel anything for her I am not freaking out that I have the chance with this great girl, I don't know if I'm still in the getting over my ex phase or what, it really hit me hard when my ex and I split up, I was trying to be the good guy and let her do her thing, I don't usually get emotional... this time I did, though luckily not in front of my ex. i guess I just need more time before I really start "dating" again.



So I figure there is not a magical time, but what have the times been for yous folks.



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no timeline... just spend some time with yourself, get some of the thoughts about the ex settled and feelings as well. As long as you can accept everything with less anger and emotion, the better.


That's great you went on a date... a boost to your pride. It helps a little just to date and get out their again. Best of luck.

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