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The girl of my dreams cut things off suddenly, and I’m lost on how to proceed

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5 minutes ago, Spawn said:

there is nothing called as soul mate in real world.

True. There are many women you will one day meet and be attracted to. 

The population of females in the world is estimated at 3,904,727,342 or 3,905 million or 3.905 billion.

So you may have many "soulmates", you just go stuck on an old flame for a while, but that will pass.

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15 hours ago, Spawn said:

there is nothing called as soul mate in real world.

There's a lot of romance and love and chemistry that is not based on logical reality.  A soulmate is very often a feeling.  Feelings are valid even if they can't be proven with facts because feelings are not facts.  I personally do not believe there is one soulmate or one person only for someone. 

When my very dear friend died young of cancer many years ago her husband was devastated and we spoke after and he said he just didn't think he could marry again. They'd been married for a few years only and she was terminal the whole time.  He loved her so, she was his soulmate.

I told him gently that I understood how he felt, that I was there for him whatever he decided or felt.  I knew in my heart he would remarry and have a family.  I so wanted him to.  He remarried 3.5 years after she died.  I am glad he did and glad he had kids too.  He deserved to find another love and I am so glad he didn't go with the "she was my only/I'm never marrying again" in his early 30s.  

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