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hey I am here because, I suspect my brother of using drugs, on the one hand I want to kick him in the nuts so hard his eye balls explode....on the other hand I don't want to hurt my mother by blind siding him upside the head. She also suspects him of being on drugs. I know he is now 18 and can make his own decisions, but the fact that I don't actualy care if he is an adault or not negates me from doing nothing. What should I do? Should I just confront him and tell him, without actualy finding a joint or anything incriminating? Or should I just let it go, or even just tell him I know he does without actualy knowing? Or should I just give him a whooping for what I know he did {totaly cussed out my mother} and throw in an extra can of whoop *** for what he probably did? Any thoughts are appreciated, this has really got me up a wall.

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listen, kid, violence is never the answer, and you've pretty much lost if it comes down to fighting. you have no excuse to use violence except in self defense.


secondly, what exactly makes you think he's taking drugs?

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I don't know if you're a child or not, but either way, there's not much you can do. If you have proof that he is on drugs, you could turn him in. If you're a child, I suppose you could tell your mother. However, in my experience, several family members are doing marijuana and my mother really doesn't care. She believes that it's no big deal and that they're family, so we shouldn't turn them in.


I understand, it makes me angry too. It's illegal, and disgusting, and I hate that false-sense of happiness they seem to have. How they run from all other problems and stress with a joint.


You and your mother could consider getting him some help, to get away from drugs.

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Since he's legally an adult there is not much you can do and he will do them anyway if he wants to. Tell him it bothers you and why, and if he's living at home, your mom can tell him she forbids using in her home.

Turning him in will not only potentially ruin his life but will probably create a very large rift in your family. Kicking his butt will not help anything either.

I am pro marijuana and live in Canada where it is not as criminal, so I can't understand why this is so upsetting. The occasional responsible use of pot is no different than having a couple of beers. If he becomes a chronic user, then it will cause the same problems as any addictiion would.

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I'm in much the same situation you are - except my parents are the ones suspecting my (underage) brother of drugs and I'm the only one on his side.


Be there for your brother, talk to him, let him know it worries you. Legally, you can't do anything to your brother. Your parents can, but you can't. All you can do right now is be emotional support for your brother and your parents.


Emotionally this will get overwhelming, especially once your parents find out. Don't feel guilty if you're out having fun with your friends once in awhile - don't let this drug problem ruin *your* life.


You need to tell your parents. They'll do what they believe is best for him. And ultimately, anything is better than a drug overdose.


Please let go of your anger towards your brother. I don't know why he started doing drugs, but I do know it was not your fault...nor is it your job to punish him. Support him while he recovers.


Good luck!

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*note* I will respond to these in order, so if it seems choppy just refer to the posts above and you will get it.*note*


Well, if you couldn't tell, last night I was a little stressed, now I've had time to cool off and compose myself. Two things to asdf 1.There are plenty of reasons to fight, but not this. 2. He has lost 20 lbs, he is jittery and his room stenches of it. to Elila, I am no child but at the same time not a man yet. My mother said, if she finds any drugs he gets to move out. So its not really the same.to mr.meh, there is plenty I COULD do, only so much that I am willing to do, not many people realize just how far I will go on these matters for reasons I don't care to explain. and the phrase "not as criminal" made me laugh. Why is it upsetting you ask? because I've seen so many with so much potential, utterly wasted in drugs. Turning him in? to the cops, I would sooner fix the problem myself, not because I think it will ruin his life, thats a pile of it. And you CAN NOT use pot responsibly, it is physicaly impossible, and it is very different from a couple of beers{ I could explain to you why, but you probably don't care and I KNOW I don't}, and if he becomes a cronic user, I don't know him any more. To roasted carrots, my brother has a distinct distaste for me, I want to be friends with him, but he is to unpredictable, one moment he will love you, and in an hour he will want to crack your head open like a ripe melon. Legaly no, I can't do anything to my brother, I would rather it didn't resort to that. I have been emotional support for too long, no one is there when I need them, only when it is convienent{sp?} for them. However I would like to add that I do respect your for your views and that you can be supportive of your brother, I'm to drained and to weak to do likewise. As of my anger twords him, I give him bountiful opertunities to redeem himself, so far he has failed to so much as even try so for about the last year my doors have been closed for him in ways of friends. I know it isn't my fault, its his. thankyou though so far you have been the only helpfull responce of all of these. *bows*

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