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Ex girlfriend's ex close friend??? Should I???

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I despise my ex, I hate the fact that she used me for her selfishness and gave me lack of respect. Although I am angry with her but I do just want to move on and let her realize it. Recently one of your ex good friends (not good friends anymore), has shown interest in me and is something new. I am not completley over my ex girlfriend but do want to start dating more to get myself going again.

So my question to you all is, should I date this girl and maybe have my girlfriend jealous and let her know i am moving on with my life? Or should I spare this new girl because it really isn't the right thing to do? I'm not looking to get serious and I will let this girl know that, but are there any reason why I shouldnt?

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Are you saying that you want to USE another human being to hurt yet another?

Is that what you're saying?


You want to take the time, attention and emotions of 1 human being in order to cause pain and jealousy to another?


Meanwhile you claim, with reagrds to you ex, that you "hate the fact that she used me for her selfishness "

Aren't you considering doing the exact same thing to/with someone else?


Reasons why you shouldn't







respect for another human being

Need more? how about to act like a MAN not a scumbag

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