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Any chance of get back together??


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From my own experience, I've never had any regrets leaving someone. Sure there are things that I think back to that I miss about someone but the reasons for leaving outweigh those thoughts. I know being dumped and replaced within a couple months hurts but I think you need to put your focus on yourself and on things other than him so that you're not bogged down with this and are able to move on with your life.

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It's difficult enough to break up once, so most people who do it aren't open to the idea of a second round with the same person. If he didn't break up over a specific thing that he wanted you to change, and with an understanding that once you've changed it he'd be open to reconciling, then I'd consider him a done deal.


If you want to soften your grief by believing that there's a chance you could meet him on higher ground someday, then you'll need to stop ruminating about him and invest your focus into moving yourself to higher ground on your own. That kind of self development usually brings a whole new perspective once you've healed and reached that place, so it's a win/win regardless of outcomes.


Head high, and move yourself FORward.

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Not knowing the details its hard to say (heck even with the details its hard to say. ) i think as long as you are focused on him in your thoughts, he won't come back.


It has been my experience that the guy comes back only after I have completely forgotten about him. I find that after the break up, healing, focusing on yourself and moving on (in thoughts and actions- not just new dates) is the only way to go.


I usually find myself either liking someone else and not even thinking about the ex and BAM! Ex reaches out.


I have taken a few back, but I'm starting to realize that doesn't work. The old issues come back and then it happens all over again. In my most recent break up, I find myself thinking it's over. O-V-E-R! I will not take him back. but no worries. he hasnt asked. lol


I want someone that stays and the thought of losing me overrides any doubts. Not saying I expect no issues. Just want the person that works with me in the picture.


Just my take. I know it hurts but there are plenty of fish in the sea. No matter how great someone is, there is better or they would not leave.

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