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Together again but with so many worries


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Long story short. We’ve been together for four years and she left me for another and lasted around two months then she confessed to me that I am the one she really wants. I admitted that I still have feelings for her and we’ve got back together just like that. First time we met after the breakup, we went to do some ice skiing which is new for both of us and we both had fun. That night (where we first met after breakup) we missed each other so much that we carry on with intercourse.


I had ask her what phase was she in with the guy she left me for. She told me the only intimate interaction with him was only kisses. She told me the guy tried to push things further and wanted to “break his virginity with her”. She freaked out and felt that he’s too horrible. This is what she told me.


When she was with him, every night. I checked on her Facebook status of whether she is online. It appears that she went offline for such long hours and then reappears online at around 3am. My thoughts on this were that she must have been spending those long hours with him doing for god sake who knows what and only came home at 3am to check on her Facebook before going to bed. She told me she was only checking on our photos because she can’t sleep.


I don’t know, guys. Any thoughts on this? I have so many confusion on this even though I still really love her. Despite all of that, I now have the fear to invest my full love in her because I’m afraid that she might left me again even though she say she won’t. Or maybe time would heal me? I wanted to hear thoughts from this forum on my matter. It would help a lot. Thank you guys.

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I'm a little confused. You were checking up on her every night on Facebook after you had broken up? It's really none of your business what she was doing. Did you guys break up because of your jealousy and were you also starting arguments with her?


Look no one can guarantee they're going to stay with you forever. If you act like an insanely jealous boyfriend, you will lose her again. So act mature and don't worry what she was doing with the other guy. It sounds like she's embarrassed to talk about it, especially since the relationship only last two months. Get over it and leave it alone.

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Seems like she broke up with you, thus you checking constantly, in this 2 months none Of you changed, could you say you have?

Did you evaluate your relationship, the pros and cons?

Jumping back in is great , even worse kicking it off with a ski trip, no conversation about what went wrong, as not stated in the post.

If you truly want a better chance, ask her to explain herself, what went wrong with you and why suddenly, the new guy which was a diamond when she was leaving you, isn't anymore

Guys tend to play the love card, they feel if I just show her how much I love her, shes mine forever, forgetting to effectively communicate.

Take this slowly else you're en route for a classic Rebound rebound

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