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I got myself into a messy situation with a coworker, what should I do?


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So I recently started working somewhere in early December and I noticed there was a cute guy working there as well. We had a couple shifts together and he flirted with me a little bit but we didn’t communicate outside of work until early January when he found me on Facebook and we messaged like every day for a week. He then asked me to go to a friend’s party with him which I did and we had fun, and he didn’t make any moves or anything. Then the next day he asked if I wanted to watch a movie with him and I agreed. He came over to my place and made a move. I was hesitant because I had only been with 1 other guy and I told him I don’t do one night stands. Anyway, one thing led to another and we hooked up. After that, at work, uhe was normal to me. We’d have conversations and everything and we ended up hooking up 2 times after that.


Recently he hasn’t been inviting me to anything or texting me. He also is really distant at work and ignores me most of the time. He has said a couple nice comments to me like “you look nice today” and I can tell that they’re genuine. It also turns out that my boss had said something to him about how she thinks I’m in love with him, and I guess some other people think so too. But I am not in love with him. I know he doesn’t like me like that and I honestly am not ready to get into another relationship. I just feel closest to him in the workplace and gravitate towards him I guess. I honestly just want to be friends with him or I at least want him to be nice to me at work and talk to me. Should I say these things to him? I just don’t know how to word it without sounding clingy or annoying.

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You guys are friends... friends with benefits. He got what he wanted and now he knows that if he needs a booty call, he can try your number. The problem is, you said it, its a messy situation because he's also your coworker.


If I were you, I would start ignoring him and not even try to have "that" discussion with him. Obviously his lack of actions after sex tells me he only was interested in one thing only.

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Maybe I should have said delicate instead of messy. I really want to be friends with him and I want him to act normal around me but I’m not sure how to tell him that without seeming clingy or ruining our friendship in a way because I still have to work with him in the end. And I agree - she’s young and it’s a family business so she’s not our only boss I guess, just one of them

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