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  1. Honestly, after talking to my coworkers, I just didn't agree with a lot of the advice. Our company is very open about coworkers dating as long as the person isn't your superior and 3 of my coworkers met their husbands at a previous job. Also, I have heard that it is a known fact that he flirts with me as well.
  2. Hi everyone, I have a coworker that I have had a crush on since he started. He used to be my manager but now I have moved different departments, so I rarely see him. Apparently it is common knowledge in the workplace that we flirt with each other all the time. One of my co-workers made things really awkward today when she flat out said "you guys should date, its not like he's your manager anymore" in front of both of us. She described the way we both reacted "adorkable" and said we're both awkward, but she thinks we would be a really great couple. I'm not sure what to do now because its a bit awkward seeing him now. Should I just make a move since it is kind of already out there in the open? He's kind of an awkward/shy guy so I'm not sure that he would make the first move. Or do you think he's not making a move because he used to be my manager and its a work-related reason? Help!
  3. As someone who has tried long-distance, I would recommend against this. I think you should try and find someone that is close by. I think long distance gets complicated, especially if you have not met the guy in real life. Also, because this guy is the cousin of your ex, it hits a little close to home. I think it would be best to find someone else that you meet for yourself!
  4. He already added me on Linkedin about a week after working together at about 2am. But I will not add him on FB because he might read too much into it.
  5. Should I at least add him on Facebook? Or is that too obvious that I like him?
  6. That's true, maybe you should have another chat with him to make sure that he wants to be exclusive, if he seems to avoid the talk then I would keep my options open as well. Sometimes guys just tell us what they think we want to hear, so maybe that is what he did with you. Even if we're being completely honest, they think we want to hear something else, so I would talk to him one more time.
  7. Personally, I think he's still keeping his options open. That doesn't mean he doesn't want to be with you, some people always just think there is something else out there. I would just pretend like I didn't see he is still active on Match.com and keep on going with the relationship like you have been. Don't look too much into it. Last Sunday is pretty recent, I would say if he's still active in a week or so then its a problem.
  8. Yes, our company is fine with it as long as it is not your superior. Also, I am positive he is single. I have also found him on a dating app, so I know he is looking!
  9. Hi everyone, I have a dilemma at work. There is a guy who I work with who I have a HUGE crush on. He was my boss from January-April so I worked a lot with him, and we always teased each other and had a really good relationship. However, last week I transferred departments, so he is no longer my boss. To celebrate my transfer, my work friends and I went out for drinks and I invited him, which he accepted. So I had a few drinks with him and asked him for a ride home (he lives close) which he gave me. I have had a crush on him since I started working with him but now I am finally not his subordinate so I feel like it wouldn't be a problem if we saw each other. I only see him a couple times a week. But he hasn't made any moves so I am not sure if he is interested. Would it be weird or awkward if I just asked him out for drinks? He hasn't really sent any strong signals, but I'm not sure if he's just being professional since he's a manager. Help please!!!
  10. Maybe I should have said delicate instead of messy. I really want to be friends with him and I want him to act normal around me but I’m not sure how to tell him that without seeming clingy or ruining our friendship in a way because I still have to work with him in the end. And I agree - she’s young and it’s a family business so she’s not our only boss I guess, just one of them
  11. So I recently started working somewhere in early December and I noticed there was a cute guy working there as well. We had a couple shifts together and he flirted with me a little bit but we didn’t communicate outside of work until early January when he found me on Facebook and we messaged like every day for a week. He then asked me to go to a friend’s party with him which I did and we had fun, and he didn’t make any moves or anything. Then the next day he asked if I wanted to watch a movie with him and I agreed. He came over to my place and made a move. I was hesitant because I had only been with 1 other guy and I told him I don’t do one night stands. Anyway, one thing led to another and we hooked up. After that, at work, uhe was normal to me. We’d have conversations and everything and we ended up hooking up 2 times after that. Recently he hasn’t been inviting me to anything or texting me. He also is really distant at work and ignores me most of the time. He has said a couple nice comments to me like “you look nice today” and I can tell that they’re genuine. It also turns out that my boss had said something to him about how she thinks I’m in love with him, and I guess some other people think so too. But I am not in love with him. I know he doesn’t like me like that and I honestly am not ready to get into another relationship. I just feel closest to him in the workplace and gravitate towards him I guess. I honestly just want to be friends with him or I at least want him to be nice to me at work and talk to me. Should I say these things to him? I just don’t know how to word it without sounding clingy or annoying.
  12. So honestly, I'm in the same position as you, but it's been a little longer for me. Me ex broke up with me out of the blue about 3 months ago. When it happened, it was the worst thing that had ever happened to me. I cried myself to sleep and never thought I'd find someone like him ever again. i asked on here, just like you, and everyone told me the same thing "it gets better." i didn't believe them, until it happened. it got better. it just takes some time. i stopped checking his social media. he missed my graduation and my birthday and then realized he's not worth it. someone will come into your life that IS worth it and is there for you and cares about you. i haven't found anyone new, but i have enjoyed being on my own for a little. i hope you do the same and realize there is someone out there that will care for you and make you happy. my friends probably got tired of me as well but when something happens in their life, you will definitely be there for them and that's the point of friends
  13. My long distance boyfriend of a year and a half broke up with me in July 4 days before he was supposed to fly out to me for 6 weeks. We haven's spoken since. We didn't even have a real conversation about the breakup, it was more him telling me his decision and that was the end. I reached out that week to have a mature convo to end the relationship and he did not want to talk, he said he wanted to have that convo, but not until a month or so. I reached out a month later to have the convo, but he ignored me. A couple weeks later, I reached out explaining that I forgave him and explained that I was sorry for how I reacted to the breakup (because of course I was upset) and again I got no answer. I really just want to be on good terms with him again. I don't blame him for breaking up with me and I've even been on dates since and i definitely do not want to get back together with him or anything, I just have never been on bad terms with someone. keep in mind he was also my first everything so this is very new to me, i just don't want to look back on my first boyfriend and know that we hate each other. I don't know if I should say this to him or just never talk to him again? (in addition we have mutual friends and i plan on visiting them sometime in the future, so i will maybe eventually see him again, which is also why i think it would be nice to be on good terms)
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