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How to cut it?


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Hello everybody,


I am in a quite unusual situation and need quick help.


I was on omegle and met with one girl, with whom I talked for quite a while. In the end, we decided to exchange facebook accounts. We were texting for a few days now. However, I decided that I am only losing time and I don't want to talk with her so much. Therefore, I told her. Now comes the spicy part, she became really upset and told me she started to cry. I feel guilty for that. I know it all sounds really absurd and that I did quite a few mistakes in the first place, but what should I do now? How to make her forget about me?


Yep, it all sounds really crazy and I don't know why would anyone cry over a stranger. But well, that is the case. What now?


Please help

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What now is you cut her off. Remove and block her from FB and all other forms of contact. Also, never ever again even consider allowing anyone, let alone a stranger, to manipulate you emotionally.


Yes this is what you do. Dont let her whining and crying keep you in contact with her. I agree she's trying to manipulate you.

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We do not have control over other peoples reactions.

There has to more going on for her that you don't know that she'd react in such a way.

You aren't responsible for her. I get it's somewhat upsetting to know that someone felt that way but what other

choice do you really have? To continue talking to her in spite of not wanting to?

She'll be fine.

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