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I used to think you were perfect....you came off as loving and caring and charming but a little misunderstood. I ignored all the red flags, I forgave the little hiccups. I made you feel love the way you never felt before. You took advantage, the mask came off. The caring turned into blame, the charm turned into spite, the love became confusing. I push away, I'm wrong, I try another big mistake, I give up you fall in love all over again. You need me, but don't want me because you can't control me or blind me with the fantasy of a perfect life.


I overcame, you lost.

Your loss. And you know it.

He told me I was his karma, I LOVE that.

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You will move on faster, if you stop romanticizing the cheating, lying, meth/heroin addict.


Focus on getting help for yourself. Why did you continue/take back this loser after all the garbage he put you through. Deal with your low self esteem and co dependency, jobless loser. What was the attraction here?

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Ive never dated a drug addict, nor had to help support someone. Hypocrisy???


I would never involve myself with someone like this. Ever! I am not co dependent, as I do not want to change people, nor mother them. I suggest you look up the definitions of these terms, it may be helpful.

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Keep posting, maybe counseling will be useful as well for you.... and try with eveythjng you have to move forward without this person. You deserve to move forward without him. You can be happy without this man holding you back.


Sending you love and light.


Now that's how you positively provide advice, thank you for your positive output, I feel much better to rant here than to contact him. Lately I've been strong enough to read everything he throw at me with no reaction. I'm very proud of myself. And I'm all set up to start counseling February 19. I'm trying my best....tired of being stuck in this cycle.

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And I'm all set up to start counseling February 19.


Good for you. A great counselor can help get to the root of the upset this loser caused you. I have been there, and it is so hard to get over. I went through 5 therapists in one year trying to get clarity. I ultimately found the clarity I needed, through a ton of online research, lots of books I read, plus one of the counselors. So I completely get where you're coming from.


When someone lies to you and betrays you like this, it shakes you to your very core. In retrospect, it's so easy to look back and say well he was just a cheating loser. But at the time, we believe the lies, and we are in a la-la land not having any idea that we are being lied, right to our face. And when you add in the way he devalued you afterwards, it shakes you even further. Building you up, only to tear you down....well that's not for the faint of heart.

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