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Girl co-worker


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Hello all


Quick question... after a tumultuous break up back in August, I’m now fully healed and in a better place than ever. However, I wasn’t looking...


Anyway, I was asked to cover another branch at my firm for 2 and a half days. I was initially put-out, but cracked on anyway.


So, one the girls at this branch *might* be giving me hints... within an hour of arriving, we’re in deep conversation. She tells me she’s single within a couple of hours... I didn’t ask, she just makes me aware. I tell a little about my past and all of a sudden my ex texts me. I audibly recoil and she asks what’s wrong, so I tell her. When I went in the next day she asks ‘you didn’t text her back did you?’ And I said no, which I didn’t. ‘Good’ she said.


She also tells me she’s never had a relationship with someone from my hometown... which I thought was quite suggestive, amongst all the usual nattering.. her interests, my interests etc... a bit of getting to know you etc.


Of course, during those two days we get on very well...no touchy feely stuff (I’m meant to be her boss!) and as she’s new to the company anyway she spends a lot of time picking my brain, asking me questions etc. I’m not giving any hints I’m interested but honestly, she’s totally my type. I’m making her laugh and apparently, I’m “so funny” and “dress really nice”.


She says a few other things like she wishes I could stay and be her boss and hopefully I can come back. I wasn’t paying too much attention but she was constantly applying lipstick and a couple of times, I walked into a haze of perfume when I came back into the room.


As I said, she piqued my interest and I told her that I could tell she’d been a manager before because she was authorative, which she got all giggly and shy about.


She seemed to hover around me a bit sometimes but I wasn’t paying much attention at the time (it was only when I was driving home I thought ‘a-ha’) to these little moments. Additionally, she was talking about her type to people whilst I was out of her office and she could only say ‘sporty’, which of course describes me. That said, as the conversation developed I re-entered into the room and she announced that ‘oh perhaps I should just stay single and find myself again’ walking over to me and looking right at me. I, of course, just said ‘good idea, that’s what I done’ and left it at that.


She found out I had tattoos on my last day and said she found sleeve tattoos great on a guy (I haven’t got a total sleeve but mentioned it was my intention to get one).


Before I left on my last day, I said to her that if she ever needs any help with anything work related, to contact me at my depot. She said it’s a shame I don’t have a personal email she can contact me on... I recited my email and she laughed, said goodbye and drove off.


So I thought ‘fk it’, wrote my email and number on a bit of paper and left it in the top drawer of her desk. A weeks elapsed and she’s not called or emailed... I wondered if it’s worth my pursuing? Is this just friendliness and I’ve misread it or is there a bit more at play here...?


(Last Saturday I did go back to pick up some stock from that branch and saw her again... she was busy but she gravitated towards me, I walked her through how to do it and then she took me outside to tell me the latest gossip from the branch. Perfect opportunity for me to ask but I bottled it...) ... she mentioned nothing of the note but then again, I said contact me if it’s work related, sooo...

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Do you keep up with current events?


Yeah, make sure you don't show up in a towel. :tongue:




Not sure if it’s a good or bad thing, but I’ve experience of workplace relationships before so I’m well primed! Can’t see too much issue with it being different branches though.


Still..all my girl mates tell me it’s a goer and I should ask her out but I just can’t see it for definite myself! Then again, I do need them to literally pounce on me to convince me they’re interested...

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You know, it just could be the type of girl she is. She probably was the center of attention growing up. I've run into girls that just spout a running stream of consciousness about everything and anything. Some girls who seem flirty have no idea what they're doing. She just could be one of those people, that she meant nothing by what she said or how she acted.

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