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Hello everyone


To start with, I'm terrible when it comes to relationships in general, so instead of making another mistake I decided to ask people here for some advice

So, here's my story


A little while ago i accidently bumped into my..."ex-crush" (still love her, just screwed everything up, no matter) and so she were with 2 friends of hers. Word by word they decided to come along with me, since we all were heading towards the same direction. We spent a little time together, they added me on social media and then i left and we haven't seen each other since then.

They were extremely nice to me and I feel a lot like i want to spend more time with them.

I wanted to invite them somewhere, but each time i ask if they're busy they, well, were busy.

The dialogues couldn't go anywhere beyond "-Hi -Hi -How r u? -Good and u? - Good" and so i though that may be i should abandon the idea of getting closer to them, after all why would they need a guy that they've met just once for, like, 15 minutes?


For this holidays i went back to my hometown to see my parents and while I were there they both texted me that they would like to meet me again. Also they wanted me to notify them when i'll come back.

And so I came back...and said that I'm back and in response there's...a complete silence.

It's been a week now, so I guess they don't want to meet me that much...or any much?

Should I remind them about the meeting THEY invited me to or should I just forget? Wouldn't that be too pushy or anything? I mean, I think I'm in position when I basically mean nothing,so...

And what was the point of inviting me at all if you don't want it?

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