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so a little over a month ago i was at an amusement park with my school and we were waiting in line. in front of me, my friends vera and julia were talking about this guy i had never heard of before, jacob. then vera turned to me and said, “do you know jacob?” and i said no, and she said, “you should totally date him! you guys would be so cute together!” and since i didn’t know him, i told her no again. but vera and julia kept telling me about how nice he is and how cute he is, and i was secretly considering it. but they also told me he was shy (and i am too) so i’d be the one who had to talk to him. then vera told me, “he’s with my boyfriend right now. we should meet up with them.” so we went, and i was really nervous. i stayed away from him, and he did too, but i glances at him a few times and he was pretty cute. we didn’t hang out with them for a long time because his group of friends kinda disappeared. and my friends didn’t really talk about him for the rest of the night. they didn’t really talk about it for the rest of the week either.


but then, another one of my friends, hailey, was having a christmas party. i couldn’t go, but on monday, she and vera came up to me and told me that jacob was there, looking for me. hailey told me that he told her that he had a crush on me and thought i was cute for about 2 months and he was a little jealous of this guy he saw me with a few times. me and vera had the same chemistry class as jacob did, but he had it 5th period, and we had it 6th, so hailey and vera snapchatted him and told him to wait outside the room so we could meet for real. i was super nervous, and thank god he didn’t look at it.


a few days later i was eating lunch with a different group of friends, and i saw him sneaking around with one of his friends. we made eye contact, and it was really awkward, so i looked away.


a few days later, winter break began. i thought i would be safe from jacob, but i was wrong. i few days after the break, he requested to follow my instagram. i accepted and followed him back. then he messaged me, telling me he thought i was cute. i didnt really know what to say, so i thanked him, even though i wanted to tell him i thought he was cute too. we talked for a while about what we did for christmas, and i told him i went ice skating with my cousin. he told me he also liked ice skating, and then he asked me if i wanted to go. i kinda freaked out and said “maybe”, and instantly regretted it. i really wanted to say yes, but i chickened out. he told me when he was free, and i told him my mom was planning something, so i didn’t know when i was free. he seemed okay with it. we still talked more after that, and we had a lot in common. i thought it was gonna work out. but then it just stopped. he didn’t talk to me for a week. i tried messaging him again, but it was short.


i didn’t know what was going to happen when we got back to school. i was expecting him to try to talk to me. but he didn’t. i didn’t see him for a whole week. then on saturday, vera, julia, and another girl (my friend who also thought me and jacob would be cute together) were talking about jacob, and vera told me that jacob wasn’t into me anymore and now liked that other girl because i apparently didn’t make a move. (and the girl who he apparently likes now doesn’t even seem interested. she literally has pictures on the wall of the guy she likes...)


i was so mad at him that when i got home i sent him a message telling him that i really did want to say yes when he asked me to go ice skating and i asked him if he was still interested. in the morning, he replied. he apologized and said he had moved on because he thought i didn’t want a relationship. i was really upset and told him he shouldn’t assume things. then he replied saying he was sorry. i don’t know what to say back.


i really need advice. i think vera is just trying to help and be jacob’s matchmaker, but she’s not really giving him a chance at finding a girlfriend. and i think another problem might be that i never told any of my friends i liked jacob back. i still like him, but i don’t know if i want to date him. i don’t really want to talk to vera or julia about it, because i think they’re telling him what to do. please help!

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It sounds like you're not ready to date so don't let friends push you into it. You can go out with groups of boys and girls and have fun, so you won't be so nervous.

he told me he also liked ice skating, and then he asked me if i wanted to go. i kinda freaked out and said “maybe”, and instantly regretted it. i still like him, but i don’t know if i want to date him.
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