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Quick rundown.....gf of 2yrs breaks up with me now 3 months ago, she moved out. We tried being friends for a couple weeks after the breakup but after she started dating someone else and being jealous it wasn't good.


I cut ties. Block her and delete her, went on with my life dated other women, went to work, and just did my own thing. I was doing good, moving on started to feel good about things. A week ago now my ex txt me out of the blue from her new number, I didn't know it was her at 1st but became obvious rather quickly.


She asked about me the dog life and so on. Started saying she misses the dog and misses me(absolutely not expecting that, had been in NC maybe 3 weeks). I didn't say I missed her I just said idk what my feelings are for you right now(true). Tells me she's not moving to be with her new gf(ex gf is bi) in Pennsylvania in March but rather taking my advice and holding off a couple months(ldr 5hr drive).


Keeps saying she's sorry for how she treated me and she feels horrible. Says she thought she was doing better without me but now isn't. Says misses me more talks about our relationship and so on. I got what I wanted which was the apology and she gave me the dog back. Says she never really gave us a chance to work things out after we broke up because her family was pushing her to break up with me(her family hates me) and she moved on really fast which she says she doesn't regret but is happy(she says anyways).


I don't believe everything she is saying things are adding up. She says she's happy but 3 different people including one of my best friends have said she's depressed and feels like she's a burden, she openly txt me in front of her new gf which her new gf has expressed that she doesn't like my ex talking to me. I don't txt her, if she wants to txt IDC, but I don't ever send the 1st txt and I usually take anywhere from an hour to 6hrs to reply. She regularly ask about my day or what I'm doing. She's asked twice if I'm seeing anyone or talking to anyone (I lied lol,none of her business)

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I don't know how to advise you on this but I'll try.


Looking in on this from the outside...she will probably hurt you over and over again. she doesn't even know if she wants you or the girl and she's not loyal to anyone. She can't even respect her girls wishes to not text you. So imagine, you get her back, its what...two months bliss? And she decides to text that ex? You will keep getting hurt and entering in her land of confusion and empty promises. I know this isn't what you wanted to hear. I just know this pattern and it sounds to me like she has you pegged. Escape now that you are free.

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She doesn't even know why her family hates me. The only thing i can think of is the fact that I told her mom to f off while they were moving out because her mom tried disrespected me in my house and I was not going to put up with it. But according to my ex her mom, both sisters and her sisters husband all suddenly do not like me for no legitimate reason. All her aunt's and uncle's still love me and will ask her how I'm doing, I've had one reach out to me about month after the breakup and ask how I was. Stardeal 1 you are right and its been never ending land of confusion except when I stopped talking to her and started doing my own thing she was non existent in my mind. And that's been my biggest fear I let her back and she leaves me again, so then the 2nd time I look like a bigger idiot than the 1st. I don't believe she is as happy as she says miss Canuck and I probably am back burner if you will. I've been paying attention more to her actions than what she says, see her Instagram and she looks unhappy and she never posts any pictures of her and her gf anymore

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Boltnrun you're right, you've been right for what 3 months or whatever.........I've seen your comment on just about everything I post. It's finally hit me what your qoute is about. Same as saying "definition of an insanity is do the samething over and over expecting a different results". I've literally been doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result than what was set before me. The only way to change the outcome is to change the equation. Which was me + her+dog+house+ring+gf=her-me-dog+dog-ring+house=me single, with house and dog. I need to erase her from the equation completely. Not respond to her or text her or whatever. I need to not be her emotional tampon. Because she'll keep coming and going as she pleases, I need to do me essentially.

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