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  1. I have reported these aggressive responses for review . I came here for support . What I’ve received is aggression and attacks . This situation I needed help about is nothing to laugh about . I’m going to wait for mediation on this matter.
  2. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.reddit.com/r/offmychest/comments/43oz6x/ive_about_had_it_why_are_relationship_advice/#ampf=undefined Looks like I’m not alone in feeling this way!
  3. Wiseman do you always dig up old posts and re post them for everyone to see? What’s your actual motive with this? I feel literally judged
  4. Before counseling I saw no hope. The couple who counseled us saved our entire relationship. I have set boundaries . Major ones. What I’m asking is if anyone else has dealt with In law issues like this . I need to know how to not allow this to hurt me. She irritates me so badly and it makes me Ill.
  5. Because I have never mistreated her or lied on her or attacked her over my first initial feelings . I tried to get to know her . It was years later that I began speaking to the MIL about my experiences with her. Why do I need to defend myself here ? Why am I being asked about post from January , and given no advice but only asked questions and not actually given any positive feedback ? No one has any life experience to share ? No one can give Encouragent? I am actually really concerned about the lack of actual “ advice “I’ve seen. Did I come to the wrong site ? When anyone comes here they are already coming because they feel vulnerable. They need advice . Not judgment . I pray I’ve never responded to anyone in Any way to make them feel worse than they already did coming here .
  6. A tiger ? Anyone can change if they want to . Half a year sober is amazing and I’m proud of him . He’s doing his part being distant . He’s also stood up for me many times . He doesn’t like it anymore than me. He avoids her but she’s aggressive. He can only avoid his own mom so much . He and I have talked about this in depth . The issue is , this bullying and passive aggressive tactic bothers me . They always want to see him and I have had to take this some due to wanting him to be happy .
  7. Tovin I’m sorry for this pain and life curve you have been thrown . What a horrible situation. I would suggest you go to seek help ( alone ) with a trusted counselor. Not because I think you’re wrong or crazy , but because I think you need to speak to an actual professional who can help you heal and move on the right way . It’s absolutely normal to be hurt . It’s normal to over think it . NORMAL. Be careful of the advice you take on this site because though I’m sure it’s well intended, some give advice on things they have never been through and most are NOT trained peofsssionals . Your situation is serious and I being just a normal person with no professional training am suggesting you take this to someone who has real experience with broken families and healing . My heart goes out to you .
  8. Yes . However we went to over 6 months of Counceling and he is clean and sober and a better person all around . Maybe now you can answer my actual post ? Or not .Thanks.
  9. I sense obsessive thought patterns here. I don't mean you any disrespect or harm when I say this. Truly intelligent people are naturally over thinkers and analyzers. I also sense a fear of letting go. I would tell him. I would stop hiding. Worse case, he free's you. HIs fear to seek contact could be anxiety. Best case he wants you and you both win. Don't keep this tucked in so deep. He may be the one.
  10. When evil people get away with all of their lies and bs. Good people don't just finish last, we don't stand a chance.
  11. Is he playing you? Does a silent fart smell worse than a loud one? Abso-lutely. Hes a play boy and he thinks his stupid little games are funny. I don't know what has happened in your life that you think you deserve this but you don't . He has no respect and he speaks in front of you like he's a pimp. "hot girls". Ok well set him free so he can get burned by one.
  12. This makes me so sick when people play games. She was so depressed she needed a new snitzen gruben to ride on so she could get better!? I searched long and hard and never saw this prescribed in the so called depression solution area. She is clearly a liar and game player. Cut your losses and seek to divorce or get counseling asap. I suffer from depression. Majorly due to my own family history of abuse and now my husbands family's bullying and guess what...not once did I say "I'm sad..i need a new Weiner pill". I smell bs. I call Bs. I now divorce is a horrible option, but she either needs to get her Jazz together and cut the bs or you leave.
  13. I'm sorry, "My husband has more money than I thought" now I pout? I'm so confused. I would be playing "celebrate good times come on!"
  14. Sounds to me very typical. Man gets Married, man has lust, man indulges, man gets shocked he's in trouble, mans wife all of a sudden not the one. (I'm speaking in cave man accent). You've already betrayed your wife right? This woman has no respect for your vows. The devil knows our weaknesses. Cheating isn't my personal weakness. Depression is. So that's what he plays on. Clearly you now know (or have always known) that even though you entered into a covenant perhaps you didn't really understand or take the actual vows to heart. Are you brave enough to share this with your wife? What should you do? You should place yourself in your wives shoes. What If she went to Disney holding arms and more? It would destroy you. This other woman, believe it or not..you will grow tired of her too. Than you will blame her for your first divorce. Make sense?
  15. I agree! I would change my number and run as fast and as far away as I can. If you are dealing with this, imagine a marriage! Love this young is supposed to be peaceful and the honey moon stage. Sounds like he's hiding something. He sounds very feminine to me. No offense to my feminine boys but my gut tells me he's hiding a few "secrets" and is making you feel less than because he isn't comfortable with himself. Either that or he's abusive. Neither is marriage material!
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