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Why does he want to cut ties with me permanently?


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My ex and I carried on seeing each other on and off for a total of 9 months after breaking up

We connected even deeper during this period than when we were together however we both learnt a lot about ourselves and wants and that we wouldn’t have worked out in the long run.

He became my best friend and I was content with our friendship despite occasionally hooking up


Recently I went down to see him and he told me he was leaving the country in 3 days never to return and this would be our last time together. My heart sunk literally

He also said he wanted to cut ties completely never to speak again

I couldn’t understand why everything was so drastic but I had no choice but to accept his decision


I am still baffled as to why we can’t be friends. I did ask him in that moment why and he just shrugged saying it’s for the best. If anyone could explain his reasoning to me that would be greatly appreciated cause I am hurt.

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Maybe he still has feelings for you or something and wants to cut ties to fully move on. When there are feelings and people want to move on from relationships, it's not possible being friends nor healthy trying to be. Respect his wishes and maybe someday in the future you two can be actual friends... but aparently now he's not ready or willing to do so.

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It sounds like he wants to make a clean start once back to his country, and leave all the past in the past. I think that you need to reconsider your definition of what a "best friend" really is. A FWB situation of nine months, no matter how intense does NOT qualify for such a title. He is being respectful of your connection though by attempting closure rather than just ghosting you once back to his country.

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