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Fight with a friend who happens to be a roomie.


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Hello people,


So, the other day my friend and I just fought over something. Actually she started to fight over something that I didn't even say to her. She assumed that I said so and she said that She deserves this because she shouldn't have talked to me in the first place. And believe me this happened over text messages. I told her I couldn't talk about it at that moment and by that I meant I wanted to talk to her face to face. But when I got home she didnt even look at me. She completely ignored me. And now it's been a week that we have been ignoring each other and haven't talked to each other. We live in the same apartment. At first it wasn't bothering my too much since I couldn't believe she could break off with a friend who has been so close to her over something so childish and I was angry too since she always misunderstands me and plays the victim. But now its really

annoying since I can't move out. And I don't like living like this. I just don't feel like going home anymore. I don't know what to do. Please help!

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Just own up to whatever it is, she thinks you said. If you did say it, just tell her the truth.


Explain to her what you said good or bad, because people arn't stupid and know when things are taken out of context or not. If you got caught in a trap, the best thing to do is just own up to it and suffer the consequences. If she's a good friend she'll get over it, but hoepefully your a good friend as you say you are.

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Decide how much this friendship has meant to you over the last year, and behave accordingly.


If the friendship weighs more to you than holding up your side of the standoff, consider ways that you can open a door to a long-range win for both of you instead of short-term tactical ways to keep you both upset with one another.


One idea may be to send her a beautiful bouquet with a card that says something heartwarming, such as, "I'm disappointed in myself for not being a good enough friend for you to believe the best about me. I hope you'll let me make this up to you. Love, YourName."


The only way to break through barriers is to avoid creating more of them by defending against accusations instead of hearing what's actually hurting the person who is making them. She may be technically wrong about whatever she accuses you of, but defending only invalides her and infuriates her, so I'd skip that and I'd listen. Until she's done. Without interrupting. Then I'd ask her whether she's already made up her mind about me or whether she's willing to make room for the idea that I would never deliberately hurt her.


I hope you'll let us know the outcome.

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