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Ex gf blocking me, Rebounds!

Young mind

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Hi guys,

I would really love some input or similar experiences to understand this,

My gf of 2.5 yrs broke up with me in September, it wasn’t the cleanest break as I begged and pleaded and blew up her phone to come back, but as we all know that never works,

October we spoke a bit because it was her birthday, she told me how much she missed me and how her birthday was so empty without me, I wrote her a little bit more and then she told me she will block my messages because “she can’t see me like this”, I said okay, 2 weeks later she blocked me on Facebook, on the same hour she posted pics on fb with her new boyfriend or partner on holidays, I was so confused as I didn’t understand I’m not an irrational person so I don’t believe she blocked me to protect my feelings, I wrote her again and she didn’t answer, 1 month later November she blocks me again on Instagram even though we are not following each other, this blew my mind, as what could possibly be going on,

December her new boyfriend updates his relationship status and she doesn’t ,

I know I shouldn’t be spying but to be honest though it might go against all the norms I feel I moved on, and I would just like some outside opinions as to what all of this might mean.

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Sounds like she has moved on and you should too. I hate sound harsh but if she wanted u back she wouldn't block u or be seeing this other partner. Please stop snooping on her and block her and her new bf for your own sanity. Keep yourself busy and u will soon move on and forget them. If she tries to contact u just ignore it.

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