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Pregnancy concern.


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Hi everyone.


I would like to start off by saying a year ago I was pregnant, unfortunately it was an ectopic pregnancy. Which is a baby that is stuck in one of the Fallopian tubes, i recently got married and my husband now wants kids. Badly, I want them eventually, but not now and he understand. However, giving the history of my tubes let’s say that maybe I would like to try again. What are the best methods, prenatal that I need to try. I’m scared to even talk about me getting pregnant again yet my husband is so positive and wants a baby so bad that it motivates me for a second then I’m back to thinking about the baby I lost. Is it too soon ? Is it normal to feel this way ?

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What are the best methods, prenatal that I need to try.
Having this discussion with your OB/GYN would be a good start.


And I don't say that entirely to just be an ass. If for some reason you are legitimately predisposed to ectopic pregnancies, none of us here can simply tell you to avoid casein, eat flax seed, massage your belly, or listen to not listen to rap music in hopes of the incident not repeating itself.


You owe it to yourself to navigate this with a professional.

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OP, I had a miscarriage two months before getting pregnant with my daughter. It wasn't an ectopic pregnancy so I can't speak to that specific issue, but I can say that if you are not ready to be pregnant again, then that is perfectly OK. There is no prescribed length of time for healing from a miscarriage. If you don't feel emotionally ready to deal with that again, then you aren't ready. Nothing wrong with that.


If you DO feel like you might be ready (or moving towards being ready) then you (as j.man said) need to talk to a medical professional about your options and potential risks.


Good luck.

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I would say that the way you're feeling is normal, yes. As for whether it's too soon to try again, only you can answer that.


As for your specific concerns related to conception, you must speak to a doctor. Unless someone here is a qualified OB-GYN who knows your specific medical history, we can't really help you in that regard.

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Okay to wait a year! Take a moment to mourn. Some feel it helps to say a prayer and release a balloon to symbolize letting go. And a year helps with learning to let go of the even the physical pain you felt. Every single pregnancy is always different!! So have faith. It will be okay.


So sweet. I actually did this and I’m planning on doing it on the year anniversary same spot.

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