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Too Clingy


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ive been in my (gay) relationship now for 3 months and it is going really well. i just need some help with when im not with him im always constantly texting him and i feel like i am annoying him and sometimes he tells me if i am. which is fair enough because then this shows that he is honest with me.


i just need help with how to stop being so clingy


any replies will be a great help

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You just have to use your rational mind to control your emotional mind. Basically, it's your mammalian frontal lobe versus your reptilian brain. It's intellect over impulse. Clingy-ness can break up your relationship so you need to just back off a bit. Maybe limit yourself to one text in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening. You have to ration yourself.

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Ask him if that's okay. Some guys like Clingy guys..


Just means you care..


He already said his boyfriend told him he is annoyed sometimes. And clingy does not always mean you care; it often means you're insecure and need a lot of attention and validation from your partner to soothe your anxiety.


OP, you need to figure out what is motivating this first. Are you afraid he will drift away if you don't keep in constant contact?

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