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Please read. Need help. Just don't know what to do anymore any advice would be amazing.


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A brief overview of my relationship, my gf and I have been dating about 6 months now we love each other like crazy but we are constantly arguing, most of the time over pointless stuff. Any way we always make up, but recently our fights have been getting out of hand and I take a large blame for that, but she has just been so much meaner recently. When we fight now she pushes me as hard as she can and yells that I'm a loser and a . I've asked her to stop but she hasn't and we have had some really nasty fights, I would never lay a hand on her but sometimes I've said things that are just so mean back. Please if your reading continue I really need some help understanding. So last night we got into an argument and broke up. Sometimes we say things like we can't be together but we always make up, but last night it was different. I was at her house last night and everything was going great and then her ex bf started calling her at 1 and 2 in the morning, he was also texting her and she was trying to hide it from me... A little more info she has been talking to her ex a lot almost texting daily, and hanging out weekly. I'm a relaxed guy most of the time and I trust her because I know she loves me. But I also have told her recently that I don't like the amount of time she is committing to her ex. She of course starts a big fight every time. So with that information last night after the calls I asked her who called, she first said nobody. And sat down like nothing happened. I got her to tell me it was her ex. So I was hurt and we started just talking not arguing and I just told her that I felt she was not giving us a fair shot at our future by holding on to the past. We were just silent for awhile so I told her I was going to leave, she asked if this means we were over and I said I still loved her and that it was up to her if we would break up and that she could think about it and I left. I got in my car and started to drive but I started crying I know I'm a guy I should be tougher but I don't really care, so I pulled over after and she came to the car while I was crying. She asked if she could get in a said yes she got in, but she didn't say anything about what I had to say inside she came in and started to ridicule me for something I had done days prior. As she was screaming at me I just said "get out" she kept yelling so I then I said "get the out of my car I'm done" she got out went inside and I drove away. I should never have left. I should have parked and gone back In but I didn't. I just went home. She called me after about an hour but the conversation was brief. She then texted me that it was officially over and that is why she called but she just couldn't get her self to say it over the phone. We have been broken up for a day now. She came over got her stuff from my house. I apologized And begged her to just stay and talk with me but she stormed out I followed her to her car she drove away. Came back about 5 min later to my hous and just started throwing my clothes around saying she was making sure she hadn't left anything so my room was trashed when she was finally done. She left I still apologized for my wrong doing and asked her to stay as she was going but that didn't work, she just left. And as she was leaving she said this was the greatest relationship she's ever had but she doesn't want me anymore after last night. After that she left and I haven't heard from her since. What should I do from here. Part of me wants to just drive over and do something huge and romantic and try to win her back, but I just don't know. Any advice please.

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I'm thinking this is a relationship in which you are both very young.


The fact she gets defensive and tries to hide texting her ex is a huge issue.

So are the physically violent outbursts.

She is immature, selfish, and needs to learn anger management .


Don't blame yourself for leaving. You did the right thing.

Don't try to win her back, she's very angry and you won't get anywhere with her right now.

You need time to cool off also, and learn how to manage your outbursts.


Tell her you accept the breakup and then keep your distance. She knows you want her.

Never beg for someone back who doesn't value you.

If she wants to talk calmly, she'll find you. Sorry you're hurting

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