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Taking the next step


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I like this girl and supposedly her friends say she likes me back. I dont talk to her much because I'm afraid I might stuff things up between us. However I did gather the courage to ask her on a date. I believed it went well, we watched a movie and had lunch and talked for what felt like forever.


I'd like to take the next step and ask her to be my girlfriend but the only problem is I don't talk to her much and when ever I try to the conversation eventually dies or she just leaves me on read. What can I do?

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After one date, it's too early to ask her to be your girlfriend. Ask her on a second date and if she accepts, the relationship might gradually grow to the point where she will feel confident you're a good choice as a bf. If she doesn't accept, you can emotionally move on.


Maybe you go on too long with your conversation. Try to make the communication shorter before she grows bored. Pace yourself. Sounds like you're going full speed into this which is scary to a girl. It's not a race. It should be a gradual process of seeing if you're right for each other or not, and if you're not, there will be someone else you mesh with in the future.

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