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Okay, so i'm a 17 year old male .Pretty laid back i would like to think.

Let me start by telling you my story.

My first ever "relationship" was when i was 13 over facebook. Nothing too special. After that ended i haven't had a girlfriend sense then. It didn't really bother me that much up until december of 2016.

I was going through some pretty hard stuff in my life and a relationship would have helped me a lot. So i started looking. After numerous failed online chats trying to land a date, i started talking to a girl who was 17. We talked and nothing really came out of it. Same thing happened with another girl. At this point i was falling into depression and was becoming increasingly more desperate. It got to the point where i was literally willing to be in a relationship with any girl (a stupid move now that i think about it). Because me and my friends where hanging out at the same place everyday, girls would stop by there too. So i started talking to...i don't wan't to say the ugliest, but i guess i could say the least "popular" girl there. I can say that i gave it my all trying to land a relationship with this girl.There was NO talk about sex and that stuff.I was focusing on the emotional connection ext. She rejected me like i was nobody, yet i had been talking to this girl for one and a half moths. I didn't know what to do at that point. I just lived with it somehow. About a month latter after that happened, i came to find out that that same girl, was hitting on literally EVERY guy in that area. So a girl, who was known as an easy to get, naive girl, some would even say "" didn't wan't to be with me in a relationship.


I don't think i'm a bad looking guy.I found that i am a lot more emotionally conscious than other guys my age.I'm not a " boy" nor am i some softy.

Any help as to why i have absolutely NO luck with love would be great.If you have to, feel free to criticize me in any way.

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