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Friend keeps flashing


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Hey, so I’ve been living with my friend for about 6 months and she is proving difficult to live with for various reasons so I’ve said I’m moving out in January. One of the things she does is quite strange and when I told my boyfriend he was pretty shocked, I also found another friend who’s just moved out of the flat (for similar reasons to me) had this happen to her too.

Basically she will say she’s not wearing any underwear and apologize in case she’s flashing us, then sit in a way where she’s got it all on show and often smile. I just avoid looking at it and try to pretend it’s not happening but after my boyfriend said “what if a guy was doing that” it’s made me very creeped out and I don’t like being around her anymore. I spoke to my other friend it’s happened to about it and she just said “yeah she’s crazy” and is carrying on being friends with her. But it makes me feel very uncomfortable and I want to move out ASAP upon this realization. Am I being too harsh? And how Can I get through this situation without any awkward chats?!

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I have a personal rule that I don't eat food with someone's genitals free floating around. I don't know how that happens without you telling her that's ****ing gross.


A grown adult who needs to be told her muffin isn't a breakfast muffin has issues that are beyond what an awkward conversation can remedy. Keep your head down and keep to yourself until time comes to get out. It's pretty much right around the corner anyhow.

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Thankyou for validifying my being creeped out!

Yeah I’ve been staying at my boyfriends and mums lately, until the time comes to move out fully.

The thing is we’ve been friends for a while and I would feel bad just moving out so quickly because I sprung it on her out of nowhere...but then when I think of how creepy the thing she’s been doing is I just think “what do I really owe her?!” I’m moving out because she creeps me out!! It’s a real head screw....

I am going away for two weeks soon anyway so that will help pass the time.

I don’t want to have a talk about it with her, she’s very smart so I feel like she knows what she’s been doing. It’s just sad that this is someone who I was very close to. She does other stuff too, she’s always asking me to do things for her, complaining about her life non stop whilst being very unsympathetic to my problems. I’ve gotta get out!!!

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