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Im gonna make a real quick summary cause i basically wrote a really long story explaining my problem but then it got deleted...😤

Ok my first ex gf broke up with me recently and the reasons were my clingyness, my insecurites, my depression, my negativity (i was nagging on and on about my arguments with my mom.), her strict parents, and it was a long distance relationship.

I was her first bf and she was my first gf, im 15, she's also 15.(i know im young, and i know i wont be the same person in 10 years, but i would like some advice for the situation im in right now.)

Ok we met in middle school, she was super nice and caring. I never had a girl act like that with me before. We had small chats through out the months, i started to like her at the end of the year, got her number in summer, we started to text everyday and relate, i told her i liked her, she said she felt the same way, we became closer, had a secret date, i joined a muay thai gym(its thailand boxing and i feel like it later on dragged me down), i was super happy and she was too, then she starts questioning our relationship, she starts telling me guys are having a crush on her. she then told me this "yea if there was a better guy i would pick him", i became super clingy and sad, not motivated to go to muay thai, mom getting mad(i was wasting money if i didnt go, there was a contract), became super depressed, she wasnt happy, i started nagging about my mom and i having arguments, she became uncomfortable, i wanted to take a break for 3 weeks, text back she starts becoming "busy", im trying to fix the relationship doing everything like it was before but it wasnt natural, she then told me she doesnt love me anymore, i started spam texting her for awhile, then i stopped, i asked to be friends but i wasnt ready(i thought i moved on), havent talked to her for 3 months now and recently a guy texted me if a photo with me in it was actually me on instagram. I said yea, he said "dope💪" and started to follow me. A few days later he blocks me. I made a different account and saw a pic of my ex and him. That totally crushed me ( i wasnt crying but it made me totally unmotivated to do anything). Now im doing homeschool. Im trying to fix the family issues and im sort of moving on but deep down i still love her. Was she a bad girlfriend? Was i a bad boyfriend? What couldve i done and what can i do now?

Sorry for the really crap writing i hope you can read it and understand it

Im just pissed that my original draft got deleted

And please be realistic with the advice


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I don't think you did anything wrong except you became the Crazy Ex-Boyfriend after she said she would pick someone else if a better guy came along. That probably was a big blow to your ego. At that point you should have let her go. Tell her to go find a better guy then. I don't think you could have done anything better. She obviously wasn't into you as much as you were into her. It happens, and you did what a lot of people would do, and that is try to pull her closer, but that only made her want to push away from you more, hurrying up the process of breaking up. It happens. Try to move on.

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