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She texted me at 3:00 AM after 11 months

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Do you want to try again with her? Has anything changed since the break up? If the answer is no to either of these questions then don't reply. No need to debate it any longer right?


Now if you do want to try and work things out or at the very least talk and see if things have changed then don't reply with a text, call her when you know she is sure to be able to answer and talk. She will probably freak a little when she sees your name and IF she answers say hi and ask how she has been and then ask why she sent the text. Hear her out, maybe she needs some more closure. If it gets weird or goes sideways politely end the conversation and wish her a happy holidays.



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I ended up responding and saying ....


“ No, you are not blocked.


In regards to our relationship, towards the end it was unhealthy and stressful and we didn’t have the tools or maturity to know how to make it work.


Feeling grounded was certainly comfortable but my time apart, while uncomfortable, has been more substantial in terms of growth than I could have imagined.


You need to know yourself before you can be with someone else, you must be grounded yourself without depending on another.


You are part of who I am today and I’m grateful for the time we shared together.


I hope you are doing well. Happy Thanksgiving. “



Then she responded by saying


“I don’t even remember sending that, have a good thanksgiving!!”





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