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Just read a few threads here and knew this is the place to post for advice, so here it goes:


Me and my girlfriend have been together for 6 months and do love each other. The story began after about 2 months of us dating, I found out she had a relationship that was long distance but they were no rules (they could meet other people). I had asked her previously who she had been talking to and she would always reply it was a friend until the day I found out it was more. After that day she told me she would cut the connection with him and until recently I believe she has, but about a week ago I found out she had a long conversation with him on the phone and he had asked her to come visit him in another country. She has now told me that she has serious feelings for him still and she wants to go for a few days to see him, party with him and make a decision. I feel like she is hesitating in a choice between me and him, and if she goes I don't know what may happen. When I ask her things about him and her or what decisions it is she has to make she relplies "I don't know".

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