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Boyfriend is has tinder on his phone


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We’ve been dating for 10 months and have become exclusive 6 months ago.


So last weekend when we were watching YouTube videos on his phone, a tinder notification suddenly pupped out on his phone saying “your content is hidden. Come back and see your potential matches!” (Can’t remember the exact content of that msg but something like that.)


At the moment we saw this notification he was like “wt*..I’m not using it anymore...” and quickly swiped up the notification. I was like “wt* you still have tinder app in your phone?” but still we kept watching several videos after that notification came in.


After that I stared at him, (smiled) and said “oh so you still have that thing on your phone.” He tried to be cool and said that “ya ya it’s time for me to delete those apps I’m not using anymore” while trying to put his phone away from our (or my) face. I responded “yes and obviously tinder will be one of them.”


He told me again that he’s not using it anymore and then opened the app, showing me that he’s actually logged out. He said that the notification was sent to him because he’s been logged out and inactive for awhile, so tinder was asking him to become an active user again. Then he deleted the app in front of me.


I’ve never used tinder before so I don’t know how exactly it works. All I know about it is that it is a dating app and you will get a “match” if both of you “swipe right.”


Anyways I know my boyfriend was on tinder before he met me and I’m totally fine with that. What really concerns me is that we’ve become exclusive and he still has the app on his phone. Even though he deleted the app, I know deleting the app does not mean deleting the entire account....


I think (maybe)I’m fine with the fact that he still keeps his account as long as he’s not using it. But is it true that if you’re that using tinder for awhile, tinder will send a service message (as I mentioned above) to you? Or he’s actually active on tinder and was just logged out because he was at my place, he got some matches and tinder asked him to log in again? I mean we’ve been dating for a while...I’ve never tried to snoop his phone so I am not sure if he just “keeps that app/forgot to delete it” or he downloaded it recently.


Should I be worried if he still has that app on his phone after a 6-month exclusive relationship?


I haven’t talked to him about this because I was trying to act cool after that notification popped out (though I’m not cool with that...at all!!!!!).....even if he deleted the app, should I still tell him my concerns?


Before this happened I 100% trusted my boyfriend without a doubt. And I know he cares about me...he’s always trying to find more time to be with me....... Not sure what to do...


Advice please! Thanks.

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Yes, assorted dating apps and sites will send messages to get you back on them if you haven't been active for awhile. The message itself spelled it out for you that his content his hidden and he isn't active. So I would actually believe him. He did what is actually important - hide his profile and quit using the app. As for deleting the app, meh....I have so many apps on the phone, I don't even know what all is on there. Not everyone goes through their phone tidying it all up. I mean you should, but.....


Unless there is anything else, I'd chalk this up to simple oversight.

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Believe it or not, this exact thing happened to me. Was across the apartment and heard my phone ping a notification. My lady was in the room and I asked her to check it in case it was a job I could bid on. Turns out it was Tinder. I made an account way back, when it first got popular. The app came on my phone and I honestly didn't get around to deleting it (not that I'd ever logged into it since being with her... I'm just lazy with that kind of stuff). Since facebook was synced to it any my old Tinder account, I guess it decided to shoot me a hello at the worst moment. I likewise did go above and beyond where I normally would when it comes to validating trust as that's obviously a legitimately shady occurrence. Showed her the dated info and me not having sent any messages. She took my word and we've been fine and trusting for the 3.5 years since.


Up to you how otherwise trustworthy you think your guy is.

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