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  1. Hi there, I understand that I might not be able to delete the thread because this would be subject to the administrator's decision. However, i feel like i may really need to take my last post ""Boyfriend is (still) has tinder on his phone" down from the dating forum....not sure whether or not my boyfriend is a member this forum.... Can anyone tell me how can i delete this thread? I've checked, i should be able to edit/delete my thread if i am a registered member...but couldn't find the "edit button".....or do i need to, as the other thread in this forum said, become a forum supporter fi
  2. We’ve been dating for 10 months and have become exclusive 6 months ago. So last weekend when we were watching YouTube videos on his phone, a tinder notification suddenly pupped out on his phone saying “your content is hidden. Come back and see your potential matches!” (Can’t remember the exact content of that msg but something like that.) At the moment we saw this notification he was like “wt*..I’m not using it anymore...” and quickly swiped up the notification. I was like “wt* you still have tinder app in your phone?” but still we kept watching several videos after that notification cam
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