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My girlfriend isn't sexually attracted to me anymore


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Hello, I'm recently new to this website & dating in general so recently since me and my girlfriend moved to another state for college things have changed. Before we moved we're were having sex almost every day she came over & ever since we moved to another state we have sex around once everyone week or even longer ever since we've been together. I feel as if she lost her desire to pleasure me also her desire for me. Anyways to let you guys know... she is the first person I've was ever committed towards and lost my virginity to her, but she has had 3 other sexual partners & one that she has told me she had sex with every single day for a month & others that she had sex with very early in her life. I think from what she has told me is that she wanted to keep them, her ex's around so she had sex with them and we had serval conversations about random stuff not involving sex but she has mentioned her innocence and her being clean & in the back of my head I've been thinking no you are not clean or innocent. Every mention of innocence or clean has made me think wrong of her and she has told me about how she wants us to last because she "loves" me. Also need to know that my family is kinda wealthy and gave me plenty of money since i've went to college for us to have a comfortable life & I've been paying for almost everything, every time we were together which was pretty much every single day ever thing i've bought was also for her, every time we visited a store she wanted something so i purchased it for her. I honestly don't know how to feel i've felt many times that i should make her pay for stuff or even split the bills sometimes. I pay for the apartment all by myself everything. The only time she pays for stuff is she's alone and hungry. She has bought me birthday gifts and a gift for our 1 year anniversary but i feel like if i should pay for everything i should be entitled to have my desires being satisfied. I know this may seem like I'm only in this relationship for sex but I'm not. Every time i mention anything about sex she says no or gets turned down or basically moves away from me, every sexual progress i make on her she pushes me away. I love her deeply and i show her SO much compassion, i do anything for her & almost everything she asks me to do but i feel the nicer i am to her the move she takes advantage. She is also always on her computer & i never get alone time with her without any distractions. She says i care about sex so much but really all i care about is her to desire me, to have some sexual desire. She never starts anything sexual with me, its always me that starts it and i get turned down 80% of the time. Also when we do have sex now since we've moved she always asked me to finish fast like if she's doing it for me and not enjoying it herself, not only this but when we did have sex she always had a hidden agenda behind it, making me clean dishes or doing stuff for her for sex not only that but she doesn't even try when we have sex she always just lies on the bed and i do everything, I've told her that i wanted to try other positions but she never wants to, makes me feel like she's only having sex with me because of what i can do for her... She tells me that she loves me a lot and i believe it when she says it but at the same time i don't i feel like she is taking advantage of me. I treat her so nice, I guess i'm clingy because I love her so much but she doesn't even want to make out not even for a minute, I also know she's made out for her ex's for longer than 30mins. I don't know what to do anymore I really want to breakup but i can't.. every time i pay too much attention to her or care for her too much i feel like im more of a friend than a boyfriend really. I need some advice on what i should do. We are the complete opposite.. What i want to do she doesn't and what she wants to do i don't. Her past has been eating my alive since we started dating and now that she has lost sexually attraction towards me her ex's haunts me even deeper. I keep thinking to myself about what she and her ex's have done and she treats me different from them even tho she says she loves me more than them. All she has ever wanted from me is hugs and kisses which was a peck on the lips, she doesn't even let me touch her. How much different am i than a friend. I want more but she doesn't want it, She doesn't satisfy me & when she does it's barely anything she does it for me to be in a better "mood" so she can be happier, but what i really want is for her to do it for herself and enjoy it as much as i do. I honestly feel that one day if another girl comes along.. have in mind that i stopped talking to all my friends for her, that i would probably cheat on her because i know that we wont make it if it stays like this & i require more than how she treats me which i consider almost a "friend". I love her with all my heart but i feel the more i love her the more it hurts, I also need a compassionate partner that feels the same way i do for me to be truly satisfied.


To sum it all up, I feel more of a friend than a boyfriend to my girlfriend and I'm not happy nor am i satisfied with my relationship and i don't know what i should do anymore..

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You know what you should do and it's not easy.

You need to break up with her and move on to a more sincere girl with honest intentions.

This girl is only using you for your money. Yeah she says she loves you but more like a friend. She likes the idea of you but not the concept of being with you.


Sex is not the most important thing in a relationship but it is a way of expressing love.


Her lack of desire for you should indicate she's no good for you.


You're better off finding someone who loves all of you.



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