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Why does my ex claim to love me but hurts me the most?

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Okay so, this all stared in 8th grade (I'm in 11th now) and this guy texted me and as time went on he later became my boyfriend. It was nothing serious really just a innocent relationship that lasted about a month. After 6 months of the breakup we started to talk again but this time it was a little more emotional and serious (I was in high school already) but then he just stopped taking to me without explanation or a goodbye, and this went on about every 6months for 3 years. Every time it felt like we were in this emotionally invested relationship and then he just left out of nowhere with no explanation, which he can do because we were never officially dating.


A little more backstory; I've trusted him more than anyone, I can be myself around him more than anyone, we're practically the same person, he always texts me first and is always the one that stops talking to me first, he's tried to get me back everytime we talk but I was too scared, he has claimed to be in love with me because of my personality that "he loves so much", hes not aware that he actually hurts me.


So I guess my question is what is this? Why does he leave and come back, claim to love me then break my heart easily?


Right now we are in no speaking terms we still have eatchother on all social medias, but whenever we see eachother around school we both put out heads down or pretend to go on our phones. His friends all hate me which I have no idea why Bc I didint do anything but get my heart broken

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Well, you didn't say what you do when he stops texting you. Do you continue to text him? You don't have to wait for him to text you each time, you know. You can also go over his house and invite yourself in.


And now, you're ignoring each other at school? When you see him, why don't you go over and and take him by the arm. Give him a kiss on the cheek. Tell him your miss him and invite him somewhere like a walk in the park or a coffee at Starbucks after school. He may be looking for you to make a move after he's poured his heart out to you via text and you do nothing in return.


You have a great opportunity here to have a real relationship with someone who believes he loves you. Why don't you go for it?

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